Watch: Batman: The Animated Series Opening Redone with LEGO Batman

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Both Batman: The Animated Series and LEGO Batman have been combined in this fan-made video. The video redoes the Batman: The Animated Series with stop motion animation and LEGO Batman. You can see it below:


The video was created by Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poe. “I can safely say my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Batman or LEGO,” said Poppe. “It only felt natural to see them combined in stop-motion heaven.”

The video did not come easily, though.1,000 photos and 40 hand-drawn backgrounds were required just for those two minutes of footage. It took over 300 hundred hours of work.

In addition to being a great recreation of the opening for the famous cartoon, the end credits scene also contains a voiced tribute to LEGO Batman. Batman watches the credits, throws batarangs and sings his "favorite song" at the end. It's sure to be amusing to LEGO Batman fans. 

I found the video amusing and am impressed by the work that went into it. What do you think?


The LEGO Batman Movie comes out on February 10.

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