Star Wars: Diego Luna Teases K-2SO's Return in Andor Season 2

If there's one thing that we know about Andor, it's the fact that the first season will not immediately bring back K-2SO. Although the reprogrammed Imperial droid was established to be Cassian Andor's most trusted friend in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it has been confirmed that Alan Tudyk will not reprise the role in the Disney+ prequel, at least not at first. But now, Diego Luna is teasing Kaytoo's arrival in Andor Season 2!

It was previously reported that Alan Tudyk will not appear in the first season of Andor but the Firefly star did suggest that K-2SO could eventually show up in the Disney+ series. Not surprisingly, Diego Luna is backing that suggestion now that he is reportedly working on Andor Season 2.

Diego Luna recently spoke to Total Film where he pretty much confirmed that we'll get to see K-2SO in the second season of Andor.

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"Our next season ends where Rogue One starts, so I think that answers everything!" Luna said. He then addressed how the bond between Cassian and Kaytoo is unusual, even in the Star Wars Universe.

"It says a lot that his best friend [in the movie] is a droid, you know?" Luna mused. "Or his only friend, I should say. But in the show, we're going to start with someone who is very different from the quiet, lonely man we meet in Rogue One. We're so far away from that in this first season; there's a whole journey for us to explore..."

It's great to know that we'll get to see what Cassian was like before everything went sour for him in Rogue One. So far, the trailer for the first season of Andor doesn't show us anything too different from the Cassian that we've already met but that could definitely change when the series premieres next month.

Andor is getting a three-episode premiere on Disney+ on September 21, 2022.

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