Spy x Family Reveals Damian’s Heh Face in Episode 18 Preview

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Spy x Family Damian Heh Face

With the next episode’s release just days away, Spy x Family shared a new preview of Episode 18 that teases Damian Desmond’s Heh face.

Specifically, new images from the next episode were shared online via the show’s website and official Twitter account. These new screenshots give fans a taste of what to expect in the upcoming episode.

Spy x Family's Viral Heh Face

spy x family anya heh face
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There’s no doubt that Spy x Family is one of this year’s most popular anime series as it continuously tops the most-streamed show charts since it was released.

The show’s appeal is thanks in large part to its interesting premise along with its loveable characters.

It also helps that it features lots of meme-worthy faces, especially of the pink-haired Anya Forger.

In the anime, Anya is an expressive character with a variety of funny reaction faces. Though the most popular of her faces is her smug Heh expression which she did in Episode 6.

spy x family anya meme face
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Anya does this expression in response to Damian during her first day in school.

After the episode aired, Anya’s Heh face became a big meme that spread like wildfire online. Since then, Anya has done this face a couple of times in other episodes.

Aside from Anya, other characters in the show also make incredibly expressive and hilarious reaction faces, including Loid and Yor Forger. And in this next episode, it’s Damian’s turn to get his own meme-worthy reaction face.

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Episode 18 Preview – Damian's Heh Face

spy x family episode 18 damian heh face
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In this new batch of preview screenshots, Damian is shown with Anya’s iconic Heh face while holding up his high test score, possibly goading Anya who is known for her less-than-stellar academic skills.

Aside from this funny Damian face, the other screenshots also reveal that Anya will finally meet Yor’s brother, Yuri Briar. It also looks like Loid will be away for another mission.

Check out more of the preview images here:

Based on these previews, coupled with the fact that this next episode is entitled Tutor’s Uncle, it will probably feature Yuri tutoring Anya to hopefully improve her test results in school.

Spy x Family Episode 18 is set to release this weekend on Crunchyroll in the US and other countries.

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