Spy x Family Episode 6 Finally Debuts Anya Iconic Meme Face

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We just got another episode of Spy x Family and this time, Anya Forger took center stage as she got ready to begin studying at Eden Academy. However, things didn't quite go according to Loid Forger's plan and the family experienced a major setback. On the other hand, fans were delighted with Spy x Family Episode 6 as it finally debuted Anya's iconic meme face from the manga!

In Spy x Family Episode 6, Anya finally attends the first assembly at Eden Academy while Loid and Yor Forger look on. It is revealed that Loid had pulled strings to make sure Anya is in the same class as Damon Desmond, the son of his target Donovan Desmond. Loid's backup plan, which he calls the Friendship Scheme, aims for Anya to become friends with Damon so she could be invited to the Desmond home making it easy for Loid to infiltrate.

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It seems like a great plan but things don't work out too well. Damon immediately targets Anya, deciding that her father's profession as a psychiatrist makes him a nobody so he can't be friends with the little girl. Still, she insists she wants to play at Damon's house but is insulted by other students telling her to know his place.

Before all this happens, Anya received some training from Yor, who had warned her against fighting and that a smile is the strongest weapon since it stops fights before they can start. Remembering her mother's words, Anya smiles at Damon but it's an indifferent and seemingly smug smile.

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It's the smile straight from the manga that has turned into a meme and fans are loving how Spy x Family Episode 6 provided a healthy dose of Anya's memorable face. Needless to say, we're hoping to see more of the smile soon.

Spy x Family Episode 7 is titled The Target's Second Son ("Tāgetto no Jinan") and is set to premiere on Saturday, May 21, 2022.

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