Spy x Family Episode 4 Teases Loid Discovering Anya's Secret Power

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Spy x Family Episode 4 is finally here and as expected, fans were in for a wholesome yet action-packed episode featuring the Forgers. But did the fourth episode also reveal something to Loid Forger? Did the master spy Twilight finally realize that his adopted daughter Anya Forger can read minds?

In Spy x Family Episode 4, the Forgers finally headed to Eden Academy for the formal interview with the school's housemaster. Not surprisingly, the prestigious school tested all families even before the interview began and the Forgers managed to impress Housemaster Henry Henderson who believed they were the epitome of elegance.

However, the pressure was on when the Forgers finally sat down for the interview as they answered the questions they had already rehearsed. At one point, Anya forgets what she should say when asked what she would do if she was accepted into Eden Academy and decides to read Loid's thoughts as he thinks about finding Donovan Desmond's plans. She then states that she wants to expose the secrets of the boss of the organization, shocking Loid.

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Luckily, Loid decides to explain Anya's response in a way that impresses Henderson yet again. From there, Loid forgets about what Anya had done when the scornful teacher Murdoch Swan asks her to choose between her old mother and Yor Forger in an attempt to provoke the family.

Ultimately, Loid halts the interview, stating that a school that belittles the feelings of children isn't one worth attending. When they leave, the angry Henderson punches Swan for his cruelty.

But will Anya Forger be accepted into Eden Academy? That's a question that could be answered in the next episode and we can't wait to find out next week.


Spy x Family Episode 5 is titled Will They Pass or Fail ("Gohi no Yukue") and is based on the manga's Chapter 6 (the fourth episode adapted the fourth and fifth chapter). The new episode will air on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

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