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Spy x Family Episode 3 Preview Teases Anya Working with Loid Forger

There is little doubt that people are loving Spy x Family now that Yor Forger is officially part of the family. But what can we expect for the Forgers next week? The preview for Spy x Family Episode 3 has officially been released and it teases little Anya working together with her Papa Loid Forger!

The Spy x Family Episode 3 preview was originally dropped right after the previous episode concluded. However, the teaser has been shared by the anime's official Twitter account.

So what can we expect in next week's episode? The preview shows Yor Forger (née Briar) moving into the Forger home and being interviewed by Loid. We also see her seemingly getting along with little Anya but the last two seconds are undoubtedly the most exciting ones.

At one point, Anya is shown pointing something out to her Papa. This is immediately followed by Loid taking down what looks like a bad guy.

We're loving the idea of little Anya working with her father in catching a bad guy and for the sake of those who haven't read the anime, we won't tell you what will happen in Spy x Family Episode 3. Nevertheless, it's going to be another awesome episode to look forward to next week.

Fans have been loving the latest episode of Spy x Family especially since it introduced Yor after the character was absent in the premiere. In addition to that, people loved how the episode concluded with Loid's epic proposal scene.

Spy x Family Episode 3 is titled Prepare for the Interview ("Juken Taisaku o Seyo") and is based on the manga's third chapter Mission 3 where the Forgers get to know each other and bond as a family. The episode will premiere on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 11:00 PM JST.

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