Spy x Family Confirmed as Most Popular Anime in Japan

There is little doubt that Spy x Family is already one of the most popular shows among international audiences but it looks like Japanese fans absolutely agree. The new series has just been confirmed to be the most popular anime in Japan right now!

Spy x Family has only started broadcasting with three episodes under its belt. However, the anime is already enjoying huge popularity as viewers enjoyed meeting master spy Loid Forger and his family who have their own little secrets. For instance, the premiere episode alone had people falling in love with the adorable Anya Forger as she was adopted by Loid.

Not surprisingly, audiences in Japan are loving Spy x Family right now. GEM Partners reports that the series debuted as the second most-watched TV show on Japanese streaming services and is set to reach the top spot by the end of April. In addition to that, it is currently the most popular anime on Netflix Japan.

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Another report by Video Research Ltd. reveals that Spy x Family debuted as the most-watched anime broadcast on its premiere week with Live+7 DVR figures. The anime reportedly scored a viewership of 6.919 million viewers with an individual rating of 5.5% amongst 4.468 million households.

That's an awesome feat and not surprisingly, the anime is so popular that it has helped the manga as well. It was previously reported that Spy x Family has sold over 17 million copies since the anime was broadcast. With that in mind, the franchise is well on its way to major success in the future.

Spy x Family Episode 4 is titled The Prestigious School's Interview ("Meimonkō Mensetsu Shiken") and will adapt the manga's fourth chapter Mission 4. The episode will premiere on Saturday, April 30, 2022, at 11:00 PM JST.

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