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Solo Producer Rob Bredow Supports Star Wars Fans Campaign For A Sequel

Rob Bredow, the co-producer of Solo: A Star Wars Story, is supporting Star Wars fans to campaign for a sequel to the 2018 spinoff.

Speaking with, Bredow expresses his interest in pushing Star Wars fans for a sequel. Although director Ron Howard previously denied sequel plans due to Solo: A Star Wars Story being the lowest-grossing entry of the franchise, the co-producer is saying otherwise. Read Bredow’s full comment below:

“I love [that people want a sequel]. Bring it. That’s what we want to hear. I had so much fun on Solo.”

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The co-producer continues on to express that he is not the only member of the Solo team interested in a sequel. In fact, he acknowledges how fan efforts will eventually (possibly) make the Solo sequel into reality.

“We have a number of people who worked on that show here [at the Willow premiere] today. Jon Kasdan, Ron Howard. All of us love that world, love that team. I think it’s happened before, right? The fans have brought things back, so I think it really is up to the fans what we do next.”

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Meanwhile, screenwriter Jon Kasdan previously stated he is eager to get another film to bring back Alden Ehrenreich as the titular character, Han Solo. Despite slim chances for a sequel, the scribe revealed one reason why he is pushing for it:

“There were so many great characters we were able to establish, and for me, the strongest argument for a Solo 2 was Alden’s journey to owning that mantle and by the end of it, I thought he really did, and he didn’t get the fun of getting to just inhabit it for a movie, so I’d love to see him back.”

What do you think of a Solo: A Star Wars Story sequel? In the meantime, you can watch Andor on Disney Plus.

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