SEVENTEEN Not Disbanding: Mingyu Plays Huge Role in Contract Renewal of 13 Members

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

SEVENTEEN members have gone through a lot before and after their debut.

Before SEVENTEEN came, the members initially became part of Seventeen TV. Although they lost some trainees in the process, they immediately made history when they became the first male K-pop group to have a one-hour live showcase for their debut.

In the years thereafter, they grew from being a monster rookie to a praiseworthy sunbae to other groups.

But after all the things that happened, Mingyu became the reason why the 13 members are still together.

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Mingyu Keeps SEVENTEEN Members Together

On Tuesday, SEVENTEEN members made a special appearance on WATCHA’s original series The Goblin that Takes Away Your Wisdom.

They revealed that 13 members decided to renew their contracts with their agency of seven years, PLEDIS Entertainment. But K-pop fans know how the seven-year curse in the industry works as most K-pop groups tend to disband in their seventh year or lose their members eventually.

So for SEVENTEEN, who has a massive number of members, renewing contracts seemed to be impossible.

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But SEVENTEEN members revealed that Mingyu played a massive part in making everyone renew their contracts together.

“Renewing our contract may be something big, but it wasn't for me at all. It was just like, 'I'm just continuing what I've been doing.' It just seemed natural. So, I tried to talk about it with my members months before the end of the contract. I was confident that all of us were going to continue to stay with each other. It wasn't hard to begin the talk, but we did have to speak about it many times after that. It took us about nine months,” he detailed.

Mingyu Receives Love From Bandmates

After sharing the story behind their contract renewal, the group’s leader, S.COUPS, praised the member for being positive and bringing optimistic energy to everyone.

With that, he believes that Mingyu made them come up with the decision.

Seungkwan, meanwhile, noted that the members always have a meeting with the agency together, and it proved how much they wanted to remain as a team.

Talking about renewing their contracts is not easy, though, as Woozi noted that they might hurt each other’s feelings whenever they had to talk about money and their own goals.

But in the end, SEVENTEEN successfully reached the seventh year of their career together.

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