MAMAMOO Shocker: Wheein Admits She Did Not Like Hwasa Before

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MAMAMOO/YouTube Screenshot

MAMAMOO Wheein revealed a secret between her and Hwasa.

Before MAMAMOO became one of the best K-pop debuts in 2014, Wheein and Hwasa had already shared a close friendship for years.

The two K-pop idols have been best friends since middle school. They went on to train together and even debut in the same group.

Because of the things they went through together, they publicly show love and appreciation toward each other.

However, Wheein revealed that things were actually different before.

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Wheein Did Not Like Hwasa Before

On Tuesday’s episode of the MBC show That Oppa from the Tteokbokki Place, Wheein – who served as a guest – took her time to recall how she initially did not want to become close with Hwasa.

According to the K-pop idol, they met on the first day of a new term in middle school and ended up being in the same class.

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Soon after seeing Hwasa, Wheein reportedly developed a negative feeling toward her.

"I didn't like her at first. Nobody asked her to sing, but she randomly sang in front of other classmates. When I saw her do that, I was like, 'Wow, I don't think I'll ever become close to her.' She seemed like a total attention seeker,’” she said, as quoted by SBS News.

However, after a few moments, they ended up becoming close to the point that they are treating each other as best friends now.

How Did Hwasa, Wheein Become Friends?

During the same discussion, the water color singer shared that they became close even after saying she would never be friends with Hwasa.

After their class introduction, Hwasa reportedly approached her and said that she liked her so she wanted them to become friends. It turned out that the person Wheein did not like was similar to her.

The singer detailed that they got along so well as they shared the same dream to become a singer.

"Later on, Hwa Sa told me why she wanted to be friends with me. I tested my hair straightener the night before, but had just come to school with that somewhat messy tested-hair, because I woke up too late to wash it. I also wrapped my scarf only once around my neck and placed my hair behind the scarf,” she recalled.

Because of that, Hwasa thought it was cool, so she wanted to be friends with her.

Now, Hwasa and Wheein became K-pop idols, and they even successfully debuted in one group.

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