Soyou Shares Heartbreaking Experience She Had 3 Years After SISTAR's Debut

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Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Soyou did not have a smooth-sailing life after debuting with SISTAR.

Soyou, who once worked as a hairdresser, saw her life change when she became a Cube Entertainment trainee. She was scheduled to debut with 4Minute – in Sohyun’s place – but did not make it as she lacked in many ways.

She scored her big break in 2010 when she debuted with SISTAR. But her happiness did not last long as she was bombarded with rumors that affected her friendship with other people.

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Soyou Reflects on Rumors in the Past

The Some hitmaker recently sat for an interview on the May 23 episode of the MBN’s TV show, A Vacation in Hotel Suites (via SBS News). She shared stories about her early debut days as a member of SISTAR and how the rumors about them affected her social life.

Due to their performances, people thought that SISTAR members had a bad attitude and strong personalities.

"There were lots of rumors about us then. They were things like, 'I heard that someone got beaten up by SISTAR.', 'Someone I know got in a huge fight with SISTAR.', 'When SISTAR members fight, the whole van shakes.' and so on. But none of these ever happened,” she continued.

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Some seniors in the industry also accused them of different rumors, including going to clubs a lot. Initially, they laughed the talks off as it would be the best way to deal with them.

She added that her agency did not allow them to go anywhere, so Soyou truly had no idea where the rumors came from.

Soyou Experienced Trauma Due to Rumors

Since the rumors became uncontrollable, Soyou eventually felt scared of what people would think of her.

Three years after her debut, the former SISTAR member admitted not being able to make new friends due to the thought that everybody hated her and would never like her at that time.

Actress Ye Ji Won tried to comfort her by saying that those words come with fame. She also consoled Soyou by calling her a cheerful and lovely person in real life, dismissing the claims that she has a strong personality and bad attitude.


Soyou was only 23 years old when the damaging talks came out. She has since started focusing on her solo career after SISTAR’s disbandment.

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