Sarah Ferguson, Queen Consort Camilla Reportedly Not Close but Share Signals of Underlying Wariness, Anxiety Triggered by Prince Philip, Expert Claims

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Sarah Ferguson and Queen Consort Camilla are not close to each other. But they share a slew of similarities despite also being very different.

When Princess Diana was still alive, Fergie referred to her as her best friend. Now, a source is saying that Princess Diana would’ve been a barrier for Ferguson and Queen Consort Camilla to be close to each other.


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Sarah Ferguson More Attention-Seeking Compared To Queen Consort Camilla?


While speaking with Express, body language expert, Judi James said that certain body language or signals put Sarah Ferguson and Queen Consort Camilla at odds with each other but only on the surface.

Unlike King Charles’ wife, Fergie is reportedly known for being an attention seeker who is also very spontaneous. As such, she tends to engage in signals such as her wide-eyed gunning facial expressions, a country-style walk, and her infectious laughter.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife also appears to be more of an open book, and she’s also quite clumsy in public.

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Queen Consort Camilla More Cautious In Public Than Sarah Ferguson?

Queen Consort Camilla, on the other hand, is more cautious. She barely moves in public without checking King Charles first.


“Where Fergie tends to be a risk-taking instigator when it comes to movement and poses, Camilla is a copier who prefers to get things right,” James said.

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Sarah Ferguson And Queen Consort Camilla Displayed Wariness And Anxiety When With Prince Philip?

But Fergie and Queen Consort Camilla also share one key similarity, according to the body language expert. The two women tend to engage in signals of underlying wariness and anxiety triggered by their late father-in-law, Prince Philip.

“Fergie’s wariness and nerves developed after she left the Firm and are now obvious at royal events like her daughter’s wedding, where she had the eyes of Prince Philip boring into her back,” James said.


“Camilla’s signals of wary anxiety arrived in The Firm with her. Like Fergie, she was persona non grata in terms of Philip and other members of the royal family and, like Fergie, she has had to graft to work her way to where she is today,” James added.

The expert went on to say that Fergie and Camilla seem to be fans of the stealth approach. But while Queen Consort Camilla is awaiting her coronation, Fergie would just be more than thrilled to be invited to the royal family’s Christmas.

After the queen passed away in September, there were reports claiming that King Charles asked Fergie to join the royal family in Sandringham for the holidays. The gesture was regarded as the new monarch’s way of preserving the peace within his family.

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