Queen Consort Camilla Shock: King Charles’ Wife Adorably Promised to Pass on a Note From a Young Girl Asking for a Playdate With Princess Charlotte

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Consort Camilla has a wonderful relationship with her grandchildren. And by the looks of it, she has also formed a special bond with her step-grandchildren with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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Queen Consort Camilla Promised To Hand Over A Note To Princess Charlotte?

During last week’s outing, Queen Consort Camilla crossed paths with an 8-year-old girl named Charlotte, who gathered up her courage to hand King Charles’ wife a note.

The young girl’s note was intended for Prince William and Middleton’s only daughter Princess Charlotte, who wasn’t at Queen Consort Camila’s outing.

According to People, the young girl introduced herself to Princess Charlotte and asked if they could have a playdate soon. Even though it might seem unlikely for the two young Charlottes to come together, Queen Consort Camilla’s promise to give the note to Princess Charlotte warmed the hearts of royal fans.

“She said she would give my note to Charlotte, I'm hoping she'll agree, you never know...I think I'll go to her house,” Charlotte said in reference to Queen Consort Camilla (via People).

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Queen Consort Camilla Gave Kate Middleton A Death Stare Before She Reprimanded Her?

Queen Consort Camilla’s sweet gesture for Princess Charlotte was in stark contrast to the reports involving the two of them back in September. After Queen Elizabeth’s death, eagle-eyed royals fans claimed that Queen Consort Camilla made a face at the 7-year-old after she refused to behave during her great-grandmother’s funeral service.

There were also claims that Queen Consort Camilla reprimanded Middleton and told her to watch over her kids who were acting rowdy at the time.

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At the time, My London claimed that Queen Consort Camilla was not happy with Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte’s behavior at Queen Elizabeth’s memorial service so she gave Middleton a death stare before scolding her to take her kids.

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Kate Middleton Spotted Reprimanding Princess Charlotte At Prince Philip's Memorial Service?

Following Prince Philip’s death, Middleton was seen seemingly scolding Princess Charlotte for misbehaving. According to parenting expert Angela Karanja, the mom of three did the right by not just correcting Princess Charlotte but also making sure that she would connect with her only daughter.

“I think what’s important is that Kate did not just correct, telling Charlotte to ‘shh’ and be quiet at that pivotal moment but she took time to connect. Throughout the event, especially notably at the beginning, there were several moments of connection. For example, at the beginning when the young daughter appeared nervous, Kate leaned over and whispered something that evidently cheered her up. We notice a lot of ‘Connection before Correction’ — which is a powerful and positive parenting skill that I encourage a lot with parents,” she told Express.

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