Kate Middleton’s Younger Sister Pippa Middleton Stuns in Red Two-Piece Swimsuit Months After Giving Birth to Baby No. 3

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TODAY/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton's younger sister Pippa Middleton just gave birth to her third child in September. Even though less than six months have passed, the 39-year-old is already able to rock her two-piece swimsuit.

Photos of Pippa Middleton vacationing at the beach made headlines today. The snaps show the mom of three wearing a red two-piece swimsuit. Her hair is tied in a messy bun as she walks and runs on the beautiful white sand.

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Pippa Middleton Shares How She Has Been Staying Fit And Healthy In The Past Couple Of Years

Pippa is known for her active lifestyle. In 2021, she shared how she stays fit despite her busy schedule.

"Over the past two years, family life and motherhood have consumed much of my spare time and, unsurprisingly, the challenges I thrived on have taken a back seat. Running and fitness still form part of my weekly routine but not to the level it was before. I suppose my running has been more after babies and toddlers than crossing the finish lines, which I'm fine with — for now. Through both pregnancies, I have tried to keep fit and strong for the physical benefits but also for the mental and emotional reboot it gives me," she told Hoka (via Fox News).

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Pippa Middleton Reveals She And Her Siblings Grew Up Playing Sports

During the same interview, Pippa shed light on what it was like growing up in the countryside with her sister Kate and brother James.

"I grew up in the countryside so being outdoors and involved in sport [is] in my blood. Like us all, I've faced different hurdles and challenges, but with running as part of my routine... It has brought clarity when I have felt muddled, a safe space before I make any big decisions and a sense of freedom when life's pressures weigh me down. Running and sport, in general, has been a constant light in my life," she said (via Cosmopolitan).

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Pippa Middleton Incorporated Her Workouts With Her Parenting?

After giving birth, Pippa made sure to incorporate her love for fitness into her parenting style. She said that she enjoys running after her kids, and playing with them helps her stay healthy.

"Being active with my two-and-a-half-year-old son in the park or playground, transporting him on the back of my bike, and buggy running when he was a baby has been ways in which I have been able to include outdoor exercise whilst being a hands-on mummy. It's helped manage my weight, is time efficient, and gives us both the chance to enjoy the fresh air and explore the great outdoors," she said.

Pippa, just like her sister Kate, is also fond of playing tennis.

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