King Charles Shock: Prince Harry’s Dad Will Struggle to Keep His Passions in Check, Reign Predicted to Be Turbulent by Princess Diana’s Astrologer Friend

Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles waited for decades until he finally became the new monarch. However, taking over this important position meant that he had to say goodbye to his beloved mother, Queen Elizabeth.

When Queen Elizabeth was still alive, she handled her royal duties with grace and dignity. She was seldom involved in controversy, and she lived by her mantra of 'never complain and never explain.' Since she was such a great monarch, it's not unlikely for her eldest son King Charles to be compared to her.

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King Charles' Reign As Monarch Will Be Turbulent?

According to astrologer Debbie Frank, King Charles' reign will be very different from Queen Elizabeth's. After all, his star sign, Sagittarius suggests that his time on the throne will be turbulent.

"As a Sun Sign Scorpio, one that carries intense feelings and a great desire to reform and transform, King Charles will find it hard to keep his passions in check," she told Express (via Cheat Sheet).

Frank also advised King Charles to be more impartial when it comes to controversial issues like sustainability, preservation, gardening, the environment, and the like.

"There is such a strong reservoir of intensity in the new King that we can expect his personal feelings to be expressed many times in the future. However much he vows to be impartial, he will inevitably provoke strong reactions in others and express the depth of his own feelings. "Being king is not so much about his pet projects, but the everyday wearing of the crown as a figurehead," she said.

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Queen Elizabeth's Had All The Qualities Of A Great Monarch Because Of Her Star Sign?

Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, was a Taurus, which meant that she was a wonderful leader whose head was always on her shoulders.

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"Queen Elizabeth II was a sun sign Taurus who exhibited all of the qualities of this sign throughout her reign. Her steadiness, constancy, dedication to duty and commitment never faltered. Taurus is a sign of perseverance and patience. We never saw the queen flying off the handle. She had an unerring capacity to maintain that 'always the same' persona," she said.

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King Charles' Coronation Emblem Designed And Released Ahead Of May 6

Meanwhile, preparations are already underway for King Charles' coronation on May 6. His coronation emblem has already been designed by Sir Jony Ive, and it depicts flora from each of the four UK nations.

The rose of England, the daffodil of Wales, the shamrock of Northern Ireland, and the thistle of Scotland all make up the emblem, and it also forms the shape of St. Edwards crown, which is what King Charles will wear on May 6, according to Design Week.

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