Sarah Ferguson Repeatedly Contacted The Crown Producers Regarding Her Portrayal on the Show? Prince Andrew’s Ex-wife Previously Joked About Wanting to See More Fergie in the Series

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: People/YouTube Screenshot

Sarah Ferguson is making headlines amid claims that she offered to help the producers of The Crown by giving them insights on how she should be portrayed in the series. However, the producers allegedly declined her offer.

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Did Sarah Ferguson Offer To Help The Producers Of The Crown?

According to New Idea, Sarah Ferguson is a fan of The Crown. In fact, she was seemingly thrilled with how she was portrayed in the previous episodes.

The mom of two also joked about wanting to see Fergie more in the future installments of the series.

At one point, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife allegedly contacted the producers of The Crown repeatedly to offer them an 'in view' of how her character should be portrayed. But a source later clarified that it was Ferguson’s friend and not her who made the suggestion.

“The Duchess was in contact with Andy Harries, who produces The Crown, last year and they had a discussion about adapting her novel into a TV series. They did not discuss The Crown or any idea of her helping with the series in any way. Such a suggestion was made separately at one point by a mutual friend, but was not progressed by either side,” the source told Daily Mail.

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Sarah Ferguson Thinks The Crown Was Filmed Beautifully

While speaking with Town & Country last year, Ferguson made some positive comments about The Crown.

“I have watched The Crown and I thought it was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellently done. I loved the way they included my wedding. I did write to Andy Harries, who produced The Crown, but it was more about the idea of getting Her Heart For A Compass turned into a film or a TV series than it was about my portrayal,” she said.

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Fans of The Crown Season 5 can expect to see Ferguson in some of the episodes. After all, the upcoming installments will focus on the fallout of King Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. And royal fans know that Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s marriage also ended around the same time.

Other than this, viewers will also see the final moments leading up to Princess Diana’s death in The Crown. But the producers of the series confirmed that Princess Diana’s actual death and car crash wouldn’t be featured on the show.

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