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Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Hugh Jackman Revealing A Possible Title of Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Hugh Jackman Revealing A Possible Title of Deadpool 3
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The excitement on Deadpool 3 continues even if its release is still next year as the actors headlining the upcoming movie makes some noise through various updates and Hugh Jackman might have already revealed the possible title of the film then Ryan Reynolds immediately reacts to the post.

Deadpool 3 isn't coming out until November next year but the film continues to shake things up as early as now especially with Hugh Jackman possibly revealing the title of the third movie, Wolverine and Deadpool, in a post on Twitter.

Hugh Jackman tweeted, "But don’t get me wrong," and there, instead of calling it Deadpool 3, what he said was that the upcoming movie is Wolverine and Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds reacted to the tweet immediately by retweeting it saying, "Disagree. I think the deepfakes that sung and danced for Will and I would love to perform at the Oscars." Reynolds added, "Also 'Wolverine and Deadpool', bub?"

If it is true that the title of Deadpool 3 would be Wolverine and Deadpool, the title would easily fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe on how both of these characters could enter the franchise with breeze, and make way for other mutants and Marvel characters to get in the narrative.

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Looking at the previous hints on what Deadpool 3 would be about, it would be a road trip adventure with Wolverine and Deadpool where they could get to each other's patience in a Rashomon style of story, where the movie will be told in the perspective of every character.

The announcement of Deadpool 3 was made by both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in a video online and it made everyone shout for joy as such would be the very first one to be produced under the banner of Marvel Studios.

Deadpool 3 will be having Shawn Levy as the director who already worked with Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy and The Adam Project. The films hasn't started filming yet but it continuously make some noise because of its lead actors, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 3 is slated to release in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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