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Queen Elizabeth Shock: Royal Might No Longer Be Around Before Christmas? Royal Family Reportedly 'Preparing To Say Goodbye'

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth may not, allegedly, make it to Christmas following last month’s health scare. The shocking revelation was made alongside claims that the royal family is preparing to say their final goodbyes to Her Majesty.

In Touch Weekly, in its Nov. 8 issue, claimed that Queen Elizabeth has agreed to scale down her royal duties since she’s not getting any younger. But even though the royal family is supportive of her the monarch’s decision to take a break, they couldn’t help but think that the queen’s days are also numbered.

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“She’s slowing down, and her family is being forced to face the inevitable. Some fear she won’t even see Christmas. They’re preparing to say their goodbyes,” an unnamed source said.

Queen Elizabeth Struggles To Get Out Of Bed Due To Joint Problems

Other than the queen’s recent health scare, there are also, reportedly, some concerns with her use of a cane. After all, Her Majesty was last photographed using one after she underwent hip surgery years ago.

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But on Oct. 12, she attended a royal engagement with a cane in tow. And there are fears that her joint issues have recurred.

“She’s had problems with her joints for years. And now she can’t get out of bed without using the cane. But it’s mentally draining for her to be forced to rest,” the source said.

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Prince Charles, Prince William Ready To Take Over

The queen is also, reportedly, starting to hand over some of her royal duties to Prince Charles and Prince William. Even though she can’t meet with her son and grandson in person because she’s still recovering at home, the three of them have regular Zoom meetings.

“They’ve been having weekly Zoom meetings so she can talk them through the transition period. She wants everything to go as smoothly as possible,” the unnamed source said.

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Queen Elizabeth Takes Good Care Of Herself

But despite the royal family’s alleged fears that the queen could die, Her Majesty is far less concerned. After all, her late mother, the Queen Mother, lived up to 101 years old.

The queen is also far more active compared to other people her age. And she’s also very sharp. In fact, if her recent health scare didn’t happen, she would’ve traveled to Northern Ireland and Switzerland for a series of engagements.

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According to the unnamed source, the queen is also doing everything that she can to take care of herself. After all, she wants to make it to her Platinum Jubilee next year.

“She recently gave up her nightly martini and is following medical advice because she wants to ensure that she will be healthy enough to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee next June,” the source said.

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At the end of the day, no one can imagine what the British monarchy would be like without the queen. After all, she has been serving The Crown since 1953.

“But keeping the monarchy strong with or without her is Elizabeth’s No. 1 priority, so she keeps reminding her family to focus on that,” the source claimed.

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Her Majesty Drives Around Windsor Estate Days After She Was Hospitalized

Last week, a spokesperson for Her Majesty confirmed that she stayed at a hospital overnight following her doctor’s orders. After which, she returned to Windsor Castle to rest for a couple more days.

On Monday, the monarch surprised royal fans after she was photographed driving her green Jaguar on the Windsor estate.

For the outing, the queen wore her signature headscarf and sunglasses.

Has Queen Elizabeth Really Slowed Down?

Even though the queen won’t be making public appearances anytime soon, she immediately returned to work after her hospitalization.

Last week, she received two ambassadors via a video link from Windsor Castle, according to Us Weekly.

Queen Elizabeth immediately returning to work after her hospitalization debunks the unnamed source’s previous claims that her days are numbered and that she’s slowing down.

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