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Queen Elizabeth Shock: Monarch At Risk Of Dying Due To Her Drinking Habits, Bad Fall That Forced Her To Use Cane

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Queen Elizabeth recently checked herself at a hospital, but the real reason why she decided to go there has not been revealed. As of now, royal fans only know that the monarch stayed at the hospital overnight, and her doctors also advised her to skip her upcoming royal engagements.

However, some publications still could not help but speculate on the health of Queen Elizabeth especially since she’s already 95 years old. And some of them even went as far as saying that the monarch is at risk of dying if she doesn’t change her ways.

Queen Elizabeth Allegedly Suffered A Life-Threatening Fall

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 8 issue, claimed that the queen recently suffered a bad fall that’s why she’s been using a cane in public. Since the queen is not getting any younger, her bones are likely more brittle compared to younger people.

So, an unnamed source claimed that the queen’s recent bad fall could cause more life-threatening illnesses for the monarch.

The source also linked the queen’s alleged fall to her fondness for alcohol. Previous reports revealed that the Queen drinks a glass of champagne every night before going to bed.

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Queen Elizabeth Banned From Drinking Alcohol

But following her recent health scare, she was reportedly advised not to take any alcoholic beverage anymore. This way, the queen will never get tipsy and it’s less likely for her to suffer serious falls.

“A woman of her age definitely shouldn’t be drinking. Drinking at an advanced age brings damaged nerves and inhibits the body’s ability to break down alcohol. It can also lead to fatal heart disease, stomach ulcers, diabetes, and high cholesterol, which could lead to brain disease. Even a little imbibing could come with a death sentence for someone in their 90s,” the source said.

The source added that drinking alcohol can also impair the queen’s balance. And if she does fall, the queen could break her hips, and this could be an even bigger problem.

“This would make her more sedentary and increase the likelihood of poor circulation and life-threatening organ failure,” the source said.

A second insider also revealed that the queen loves to drink a martini at night. But her doctors, allegedly, advised her to stop this habit because her next drink could be the one that would end her life.

Her Majesty Is Recovering Well

It’s not surprising that a lot of people are worried about the queen especially since her husband, Prince Philip recently passed away at the age of 99. However, the queen’s recent health scare didn’t have anything to do with a bad fall.

A spokesperson for Her Majesty also said that she’s recovering well at home, which means there’s nothing to worry about.

The queen’s spokesperson also revealed that she was in good spirits after the hospital stay. And even though she was advised by doctors to take things slow, the queen immediately returned to some light duties when she returned to Windsor Castle, according to NBC News.

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No Public Engagements Anytime Soon For The Monarch

Following the queen’s recent health scare, Her Majesty opted to skip the climate summit in Switzerland on Nov. 1.

“Her Majesty is disappointed not to attend the Reception but will deliver an address to the assembled delegates via a recorded video message," the statement said via CNN.

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