Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Charles' Mom Should Retire By Now? British Monarch Appeared To Be In Pain During A Meeting Following COVID-19 Scare

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Credit: The Telegraph/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth shocked everyone when it was confirmed that she spent a night in a hospital in October 2021. The news reignited health concerns, especially due to the British monarch’s advanced age.

Buckingham Palace revealed that Queen Elizabeth was advised to stay in a medical center for a night and underwent a series of tests. However, it did not unveil the primary reason why the mother of Princes Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, and Prince Andrew was hospitalized.

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Recently, a broadcast journalist talked about the future of Queen Elizabeth and suggested that she should “retire gracefully” from the monarchy. Keep on reading to know more details.

Is Queen Elizabeth Encouraged To Retire Already?

Janet Street-Porter, alongside Loose Women co-star Jane Moore, talked about Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday. Though the media practitioner appears to admire Her Majesty, she suggested that the monarch should be allowed to retire already.

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While talking about Queen Elizabeth celebrating her Platinum Jubilee this year, Janet Street-Porter also shared her thoughts on Prince William and Prince Harry’s grandmother and her lengthy reign as a monarch. However, she sparked controversy when she suggested that Her Majesty should retire.

Janet Street-Porter stated:

“The other thing that really bothers me is the Queen’s mental state. She’s been through a ghastly couple of years. She’s had Harry and Meghan leave the royal family and go to California, she’s had her husband be ill and then die leaving her alone in a pandemic where there was isolation and the danger of infection. Now I’m thinking, can we not allow the Queen to retire gracefully now? She’s done an amazing job. Do we want her to carry on just opening red boxes every day?”

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Jane Moore responded to Janet’s statement, saying:

“But, I don’t think we allow the Queen to do anything. I think the Queen decides what she wants to do and I think she takes the monarchy very seriously.”

Janet, then, shared:

“But, what other 95 year old has to get up every morning and read through all these state papers? She has to meet ambassadors, meet government ministers, have weekly meetings with the Prime Minister.”

The shocking comments of Janet Street-Porter were met with mixed reactions from the avid followers of Queen Elizabeth. Some netizens even insisted that Her Majesty can make her own decision when it comes to the possibility of her retirement.

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One Twitter user wrote:

“Janet needs to keep her opinions to herself. She has served this country and worked longer and harder than Janet ever has. I dread old Charlie taking over. Leave our queen alone.”

Another netizen penned:

“Janet saying that the Queen has been through a ghastly few years… haven’t we all #LooseWomen.”

A third netizen reacted by saying:

“Exactly! And I’m sorry but if the Queen is so old and still having to get up etc then she could’ve easily retired. Nobody is expecting a 95yr old to work full time. The excuses they make are a joke especially when this 95yr old is supporting her son.”

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The statements of Janet Street-Porter came more than a week after Queen Elizabeth promulgated her heartfelt wish for Camilla Parker-Bowles to be known as “Queen Consort” should Prince Charles finally becomes king. Though he did not directly mention anything about retirement, some royal fans are thinking that she could abdicate anytime soon.

Queen Elizabeth Complains Of Stiffness During Engagement

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth shockingly complained about stiffness while she carried out her first in-person official engagement since fears about her possibly contracting the COVID-19 emerged. In a video that made rounds online, the wife of the late Prince Philip was seen receiving two senior Royal Navy officers at Windsor Castle.

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Queen Elizabeth could be heard saying “as you can see, I can’t move” while holding a walking stick. The British monarch even pointed to her left foot as the area giving her discomfort.

Unfortunately, Buckingham Palace did not comment on Queen Elizabeth’s mobility issues. However, based on the clip, it is clear that Her Majesty was feeling stiff during her meeting with the officers in the Oak Room.

To recall, Prince Charles tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time exactly two days after meeting with Queen Elizabeth. Camilla Parker-Bowles also tested positive for the fatal disease earlier this week.

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