Queen Camilla Has Hidden Trick When King Charles Is Talking Too Much During Walkabouts? Prince William's Stepmother Reportedly Do This Move

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Real Royalty/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Camilla is careful not to take the spotlight from her husband, King Charles. However, she reportedly has a subtle move to let him know it's time to move forward when he is taking too long chatting with people during walkabouts.

Queen Camilla Uses 'Discreet' Trick For King Charles?

The King and Queen often appear together in public engagements or walkabouts. According to a report, Queen Camilla has a subtle move to let her husband know it's time to move forward during walkabouts when she notices that he is talking too much — she tugs his jacket, Express reported.

The strategy was revealed by their close pal and TV star Gyles Brandreth, the author of the 2002 book Elizabeth. He also shared how Camilla comforts her husband.

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He said of the senior royal couple.

"When he gets tetchy - because the pen doesn’t work, as it didn’t when he was signing a document at Hillsborough Castle in County Down - she soothes him, putting out a hand and kneading him gently in the small of his back."

Brandreth added:

"When he is running late or talking too much, she tugs discreetly at the back of his jacket – sometimes quite vigorously."

Brandreth also spoke about the strong bond between Prince William's dad and stepmother. He also explained how significant she is in the King's life.

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Queen Camilla Is Reportedly Fundamental In King Charles' Life

Many described Camilla as King Charles' strength and stay, just as how his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, referred to his father, Prince Philip.

Brandreth said Camilla is significant to her husband's existence, with the expert saying she is "fundamental to the architecture" of His Majesty's life.

The Philip author said this of Camilla:

"She is his good companion and best friend and, now that his children have left home, she is the only person in the entire world with whom he can be completely free and open."

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Brandreth shared how he watched King Charles and Queen Camilla at close quarters at Highgrove before they were married and after, at Clarence House and now at Buckingham Palace, and she remained the same in his life. Brandreth said this of Queen Camilla's significance to King Charles' life:

"Camilla is his strength and stay, the ally who knows him better than anyone and, now that he’s King, the only person who can still treat him as an equal."

The royal expert also spoke about how King Charle adores his wife and how affectionate she is to the monarch.

"He adores her, clearly. In small talk, he mentions 'my darling wife' in almost every sentence," Brandreth said before adding, "She looks at him with a kindly eye, amused and aware of his foibles."

What can you say about King Charles and Queen Camilla's relationship?

Stay tuned for more news and update about the royal family.

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