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Princess Eugenie Shock: Prince Andrew’s Daughter Arranged Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry’s Meeting? Princess Beatrice’s Sister Reportedly A Peacemaker

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Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth’s recent reunion surprised royal fans. After all, they have been urging the Duke of Sussex to visit his grandmother for months.

Prince Harry also skipped Prince Philip’s memorial service weeks ago, and this would’ve been another perfect opportunity for him to reunite with the queen. However, Prince Harry and the queen’s meeting wouldn’t have been possible if not for Princess Eugenie.

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Princess Eugenie Might Have Encouraged The Queen To Meet Prince Harry

While speaking with Us Weekly, royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said that Princess Eugenie must have had a hand in the reunion. After all, she is the peacemaker of the royal family.

“Princess Eugenie is a peacemaker. Eugenie may have been the person to suggest the meeting… or to try and help arrange it, make the contact,” Sacerdoti said.

The royal expert added that it wasn’t unusual for Princess Eugenie to encourage the queen to meet with her grandson. After all, certain members of the royal family have also done the same things years ago.

“It’s a family very much in the public gaze, and there will be members of the family who help to broker meetings and reconciliations. There’s always someone in the family who’s the peacemaker who tries to link people back together after arguments. And if that’s Eugenie’s role, good for her for doing that,” he said.

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Princess Eugenie Is Very Close To Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry also share a special bond with each other. The cousins were recently photographed at the Super Bowl in the United States. Following their outing, Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry went on a double date with their spouses.

“She’s obviously maintained these good relations with Harry and Meghan, visiting them in California when she was out there and publicly being seen with them. She’s also said to be close to the queen as well, and that would put her in the perfect position to broker that sort of meeting,” the royal expert said.

Princess Eugenie and Markle are also, reportedly, very close. Last year, another source told the magazine that Princess Eugenie is the only person from the royal family that Markle is regularly in touch with.

Earlier this year, royal author Katie Nicholl explained to Entertainment Tonight why it’s important for Prince Harry to maintain a good relationship with Princess Eugenie. Nicholl said that Princess Eugenie was the one that introduced Prince Harry to his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas. She was also one of the first people who met Markle when the latter and Prince Harry first started dating.

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Following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to relocate to the United States, they decided to loan Frogmore Cottage to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank so that they could have a bigger space.

“Harry was seen watching [the Super Bowl] with Eugenie, so they do spend time with each other and they get along very well. I’m sure he'll be very proudly showing Eugenie around. She'll have seen them and visited them at their home, spent some proper quality family time together, which I think Harry will really appreciate. There’s a lovely relationship there and I would imagine that’s an important relationship for Harry. In particular at a time where some of his other familiar relations are quite strung,” Nicholl said.

Princess Eugenie Gives Prince Harry Information About The Royal Family

Princess Eugenie also serves as Prince Harry’s source for information about the goings-on within the royal family.

“Eugenie is very, very close to the queen. He'll be able to get messages back to his family through Eugenie and hear everything that’s been going on... through his cousin,” she said.

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