Princess Eugenie, Mom Sarah Ferguson at Odds? Mother and Daughter Are Reportedly Having 'Tensions'



Sarah Ferguson is very close to her two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. However, a new report claims there's tension between the Duchess of York and her youngest child.

Sarah Ferguson And Princess Eugenie Are Feuding?

Princess Eugenie missed her mom and sister's fund night out on Feb. 7. However, she wasn't rushing to make up for the lost time, New Idea reported.

On Feb. 23, she headed for dinner with her husband, Jack Brooksbank, without Ferguson and Princess Beatrice.

The outlet noted that Princess Eugenie and Ferguson hadn't been seen together, hinting about a possible falling out. There are reports that Princess Eugenie is moving stateside.

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Royal expert Phil Dampier exclusively told New Idea:

"The Duchess of York always referred to herself and her daughters as 'The Tripod' because they were so inseparable."

He added:

"Fergie and Princess Beatrice have been seen a lot recently without Princess Eugenie and I'm sure they miss her."

Dampier speculated that the tension in the family was due to Princess Eugenie's plan to move to Los Angeles. It would be difficult for her dad, Prince Andrew, to visit her there, and Ferguson has always supported her ex-husband.

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Although travelling between UK and US is easy for Ferguson, it wouldn't be as easy for her ex-husband, who was sued for sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre. There are fears about Prince Andrew struggling to build a relationship with Princess Eugenie's kids if they move to the US.

Dampier continued:

"[Eugenie] moving would cause tension in the family. I can't see Andrew ever visiting the US again as he would be worried he might be arrested or served with a legal notice following his pay off to Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre."

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Sarah Ferguson Hinted About The Rumored Tension With Princess Eugenie?

The outlet added that Ferguson had removed all traces of her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, from her Instagram account on Feb. 27. The novelist replaced them with a trio of images with a tea party setting.

"Here's to the turn of a page ... And new beginnings," she captioned the post.

Dampier speculated that the royal mom struggles with Princess Eugenie moving to another country as she takes pride in them sticking together as a family.

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Dampier said:

"Fergie has always prided herself on keeping the family together. It will be hard for her to let go now her daughters are adults."

One should take the report about the royal mom and daughter feuding with a grain of salt. Other reports claimed that Princess Eugenie is not staying in the US for good and plans to raise her son, August, and her upcoming baby in the UK.

Also, we previously reported that Princess Eugenie would be staying in Frogmore Cottage after King Charles sent Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a notice to vacate the property.

Do you believe in the rumored tension between Saran Ferguson and Princess Eugenie?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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