Prince William, Prince Harry Plotted to Destroy King Charles’ Relationship With Camilla? Kate Middleton’s Husband Allegedly Threatened to Skip Family Getaway if Stepmom Would Attend

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry weren’t always close to their stepmom, Camilla Parker-Bowles. In fact, when the brothers were much younger, they didn’t like the idea that Camilla was in their lives, potentially replacing their mom, Princess Diana.

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Prince William And Prince Harry Tried To Destroy King Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles’s Relationship

According to Radar Online, Prince William and Prince Harry’s dislike for Camilla Parker-Bowles was quite intense. In fact, they allegedly plotted to destroy her relationship with their dad, King Charles.

“The princes have grown to hate Camilla. They want to destroy their father’s love for her and at that moment their plan is working. Charles and Camilla are having terrible trouble because of the boys’ meddling,” the source said.

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Prince William Was Very Vocal Regarding His Dislike For Camilla Parker-Bowles

And in 2000, King Charles organized an annual ski trip with his sons. But when Prince William and Prince Harry learned that Camilla would be there, the former threatened to skip the outing.

“Why is this woman trying to replace our mother? She can never take our mother’s place and she shouldn’t even try,” Prince William allegedly told one palace courtier.

The dad of three was also the one who made a fuss over Camilla attending the family’s annual ski trip.

“When Charles refused to ban Camilla, William vowed he wouldn’t go. And what’s more, he said he’d also boycott a summer vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean that Charles is planning,” the source said.

Prince William also told his dad that some of his friends in school described Camilla as frumpy. And the remarks embarrassed him.

“He also said that the Spencer family, his mother’s side regarded her as a betrayer,” the source said.

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King Charles And Camilla Parker-Bowles Succeeded In Keeping Their Relationship

The issues between King Charles’s sons and Camilla took a toll on him. After all, he was always placed in a position where he had to choose between them.

“It’s destroying Charles’ relationship with Camilla. They’re arguing and snapping at each other over things they would simply laugh off before,” the source said.

But in the end, it became clear that Camilla was there to stay in King Charles’ life. In fact, the monarch reportedly told his parents and the other members of the royal family the exact same words.


According to royal author Katie Nicholl, King Charles immediately fell in love with Camilla after their first meeting. And he knew that she had the makings of a future Princess of Wales and Queen Consort.

“They clicked immediately. There was chemistry between the two of them and really, I think probably Charles fell in love with Camilla from the moment that he met her. In many ways, she did tick the right boxes for a future consort for the Prince of Wales,” she said (via Cheat Sheet).

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