Prince William Fury: Kate Middleton’s Husband Resents Prince Harry Even More? Duke Of Cambridge Didn’t Reportedly Like His Brother’s Comments About Princess Diana

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Prince Harry have not reportedly been on speaking terms. The royal siblings used to be very close. In fact, when Princess Diana was still alive, she reminded her sons that it was important for them to support each other. The Princess of Wales didn’t want Prince Harry to grow up thinking that he was "the spare," so she told him that he would be Prince William’s right arm.

Prince William and Prince Harry continued to be close to each other even years after Princess Diana’s death. But their relationship reportedly changed shortly after Prince Harry dated Meghan Markle.

Since the Duke of Cambridge didn’t want his brother to rush into marriage, he let him know his feelings about his engagement with Markle. However, the Duke of Sussex saw this as his older brother refusing to support his decisions. Since then, the brothers’ relationship has been strained.

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Prince Harry Talks About Princess Diana, Prince William During His Interview

During a recent interview, royal editor Rebecca English said that Prince William must have been upset when he heard Prince Harry talk about him during his interview with Hoda Kotb. At the time, Markle’s husband said that he feels Princess Diana’s presence in his life constantly. He also said that the late royal is done taking care of Price William.

“Yeah, no, for me it is constant. It has been over the last two years. More so than ever before. And it is almost as though she's done her bit with my brother and now she's very much, like, helping me. Got him set up. And now she's helping me set up. That's what it feels like, you know? He's got his kids. I've got my kids, you know the circumstances are obviously different. But now, I feel her presence in almost everything that I do now. But definitely more so in the last two years than ever before. Without question. So, she's watching over us,” Prince Harry said.

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Prince William Hurt Over Prince Harry’s Comments About Him, Princess Diana

However, English believes that Prince Harry’s comments did not sit well with Prince William. After all, it showed the Duke of Sussex’s resentment towards his brother.

“What William will find particularly hurtful is the comments Harry made about their late mother Diana. Harry commented about how he feels Diana has done her bit for William in looking after him and his children. And now it's time she is focused on him, which is quite a peculiar thing to say. I think it shows Harry's general level of resentment against his brother. From William's point of view, in the past, he has made it clear that he finds this kind of attempt at ownership of his late mother quite crass. I suspect he will find those particular comments by Harry quite hurtful,” English said (via Express).

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Prince William And Prince Harry’s Relationship Has Been Tense For Years

As of writing, Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship hasn’t been completely repaired. And it’s unclear if the brothers have any intention to hash things out anytime soon. But according to royal author Tina Brown, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was already filled with tension even before Markle came into the picture.

In her book The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor, Brown claimed that Prince Harry got mad at Prince William 10 years ago for hogging the best underwear. And their relationship was also tested after Prince William was named the patron of the Tusk Trust in 2015.

The Duke of Sussex also confided in his ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, at the time regarding his anger toward his older brother. And Bonas encouraged Prince Harry to see a therapist.

“Cressida began to have serious worries about his mental health. It was she who first persuaded Harry to see a therapist,” Brown said (via InStyle).

The royal author also said that Prince William was worried about Prince Harry because he tends to be obsessed with whoever he was dating. And he also usually takes them to Botswana.


So, Prince William told Prince Charles that he was worried about Prince Harry shortly after the former found out about Markle.

But over the years, there are also whispers that Prince Harry wants to reconcile with Prince William. And he hopes that Prince Charles will serve as their mediator.

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