Prince William, Kate Middleton Shock: Cambridge Pair Have Blistering Fights Occasionally? Duke Of Cambridge Reportedly Has Fiery Temper During Arguments

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Credit: ITV News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have a wonderful marriage. The couple has been together for approximately two decades, and they seem to be united in everything that they do and say. As members of the royal family, Prince William and Middleton rarely talk about their marital problems in public, but they are just like other couples across the globe.

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Prince William Has A Fiery Temper

According to royal expert Robert Jobson, Prince William and Kate Middleton get into fights every now and then. And most often than not, the Duke of Cambridge shows that he has a heated temper during his arguments with his wife. But at the end of the day, the royal couple still tries their best to resolve everything.

In the book William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch, Jobson detailed what he reportedly knows about Prince William and Middleton’s private lives.

“He can be a bit of a shouter when he loses it. It’s fair to say the Duke and the Duchess give as good as they get if their disagreement results in raised voices. But they know each other so well, it usually blows over quickly – and she is, on the whole, a major calming influence on him,” Jobson said (via Express).

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Kate Middleton Helped Ground Prince William

The royal author added that Middleton’s very normal upbringing helped Prince William become more grounded. Since the couple has been married for over 10 years, they have learned a thing or two from each other.

“When they lived together for three years before their marriage, for instance, she did all the cooking and employed no domestic help. Even now, she shares the morning school run with William. It’s also largely down to Catherine that William has changed his view of the media, accepting that the Royal Family relies on it for their existence. That’s why the birthdays of their children are marked with photos – frequently taken by the Duchess of Cambridge herself – and they’re often photographed at public events,” he said.

Last weekend, Prince William and Middleton shared a series of photos of their youngest son, Prince Louis on social media to commemorate his fourth birthday.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton Will Celebrate Their 11th Anniversary This Week

On April 29, Prince William and Middleton will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. And according to Jobson, the couple’s marriage has been working despite all their fights and arguments because they see their union as an equal partnership.

“As the couple approaches their 11th wedding anniversary next Friday, friends say the key to the marriage’s success is that it’s an equal partnership – even if that involves the occasional blistering row. They’ve got a solid relationship and she gives him confidence. There is no jealousy, no friction – they are happy for each other’s successes,” he said.


Prince William, Kate Middleton Tease Each Other In Public

During their outings, Prince William and Middleton have not also shied away from making fun of each other. There was even a time wherein royal fans asked the Duchess of Cambridge if she still wanted to have children, and she revealed that it was Prince William that’s having second thoughts about it.

Prince William also teased his wife on another occasion by saying that it’s always concerning for him every time Middleton sees babies during their royal engagements. After all, the future queen consort goes home and tells him that she wants more children.

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