Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Should’ve Been Prince William’s ‘Wingman’ but Turned Out to His ‘Hitman,’ Reconciliation Not Imminent, Royal Commentator Says

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Prince Harry has said a number of negative things about Prince William and the royal family. But the public is still hoping that the brothers would reconcile one way or another. Unfortunately, a royal commentator said that it’s unlikely for the brothers to get in each other’s good graces anytime soon.

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Prince Harry Should’ve Supported Prince William Even If Their Paths Were Different?

Royal commentator Charles Rae also said that Prince Harry did Princess Diana a disservice by not supporting Prince William. Even though the former has been dubbed as the spare, his late mother would’ve wanted him to support Prince William.


However, as it turned out, the Duke of Sussex became Prince William’s hitman instead of his wingman.

“Harry from a very young age always knew he would never be king, but Diana had hoped that Harry would be in a unique position to support his brother when he is king. But unfortunately, Harry, who should have been William’s wingman, has turned into his hitman,” he said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Princess Diana Would’ve Been Appalled By Prince William And Prince Harry’s Ongoing Rift?

According to Rae, Princess Diana would also be appalled at the way things turned out for Prince William and Prince Harry. But if she were still alive, the brothers’ feud wouldn’t have escalated.


“However, I doubt very much that she would have allowed it to get to this level of bitterness if she was alive, particularly between her sons. She always tried to ensure that both boys were treated fairly. She would never allow other members of the family to show favoritism to William, as the heir to the detriment of the spare,” he said.

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Prince William Feels Betrayed By Prince Harry, But Brothers Could Reconcile In The Future?


The royal commentator added that Prince William has not yet gotten over the fact that Prince Harry attacked him in his memoir and interviews. So, it is reportedly safe to say that the Prince of Wales feels betrayed by the Duke of Sussex.

“I think it has been and still is very difficult for William, in particular, to speak out, not just about the particular accusations against the Prince of Wales, but for the very fact that both William and Harry were so close. I also believe William feels very betrayed by his younger brother, who may well harbor the same feelings of betrayal by his older brother,” he said.

Still, Rae is not closing all doors to the possibility of a reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry. But he said that a resolution would only be met years from now.

“So many accusations by Harry and Meghan have been made, but lots of families have fallouts and in many cases, there has been reconciliation, sometimes years later. They say time is a great healer and it could happen sometime down the line,” he said.


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