Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Cannot Stand Up To His Wife? Duke Of Sussex Mum About Emails, Netflix Deal

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have always showed a united front in public. In fact, the couple stood by each other’s side while the British press criticized them nonstop. The Duke of Sussex eventually announced their decision to quit The Firm less than two years after they tied the knot. And Prince Harry insisted that it was his decision and not Markle’s to leave the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry has always defended Markle among her detractors. But recent information pertaining to the book, Finding Freedom revealed that Prince Harry is so protective of his wife to the point that he could keep important information from the court to make her look good.

Prince William, Kate Middleton’s Communications Secretary Exposes Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s former communications secretary, Jason Knauf revealed that Markle was aware that Scobie was writing a book about her and her husband.

The Suits alum previously claimed that she did not contribute to the book, but Knauf’s emails and text messages proved otherwise.

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Prince Harry Participated In Email Exchanges Pertaining To Finding Freedom

Heat UK, in its Nov. 26 issue, claimed that Prince Harry was also aware of his wife’s involvement in the book. In fact, he also participated in the email exchanges.

“I totally agree that we have to be able to say we didn’t have anything to do with it. Equally, you giving the right context and background to them would help get some truths out there,” Prince Harry reportedly said.

Knauf said that he regrets not coming forward sooner. But his intentions for exposing Prince Harry and Markle are also questioned because he’s now working for Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle Knew Her Letter To Thomas Markle Could Be Leaked

According to the publication, Prince Harry and Markle’s credibility will affect the court’s decision regarding their lawsuit against Daily Mail. The outlet published handwritten letters of Markle to her estranged dad, Thomas Markle Sr. days before her royal wedding to Prince Harry.

It was recently revealed that Markle purposely addressed Thomas as “Daddy” in the letter because she wanted to tug at the readers’ heartstrings. Markle was also convinced that the latter could be leaked to the press.

The publication stressed that Prince Harry was also aware of this, but he refused to speak up. The Duke of Sussex indirectly came to his wife’s defense by banning Thomas from their royal wedding instead of calling Markle out.

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Prince Harry Should Cut Ties With Netflix

Prince Harry is also being criticized for still working with Netflix even after the streaming platform reportedly exploited Princess Diana.

“He doesn’t see how him signing a deal with Netflix makes him responsible for what they put out. He has nothing to do with this. Prince William is livid about it and feels that no company should cash in on his mum’s name. But Harry won’t be told what to do and feels he has to do whatever it takes to provide for his family. Netflix has been very supportive of him and Meghan. He’s been accused of putting money over everything and having no morals when it comes to this, but he says that couldn’t be further from the truth,” an unnamed source explained.

Last month, Princess Diana’s good friend, Jemima Khan decided to stop contributing to The Crown because of how the show exploited the memory of the late royal.

Khan also said that it was important to her that the final years of Princess Diana’s life would be portrayed accurately and with compassion. But when she realized that this wasn’t what was going to happen, she decided to withdraw from the series.

However, sources revealed that Khan previously dated The Crown creator, Peter Morgan but they split earlier this year, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Despite Khan’s revelations about The Crown, Prince Harry and Markle continue to work with the streaming giant.

In October, there were also pleas from Daily Mail’s Dan Wootton for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to end their relationship with Netflix after they aired a Princess Diana musical.

Wootton described the musical as the most offensive and degrading portrayal of Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom.

“The lies about Di's life are egregious – from suggesting she used HIV patients for publicity to attacking Margaret Thatcher for her politics. But at least she isn't around to see such nonsense broadcast to millions around the world,” Wootton wrote.

As of late, Prince Harry and Markle are still working with Netflix after they signed a multi-year deal with the platform last year.

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