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Meghan Markle Shock: Prince Harry’s Wife Drove Rich Neighbors Out Of Montecito? Sussexes Not Friendly

Credit: BBC/YouTube

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are believed to be one of the most powerful couples in the United States. In fact, there are claims that they are so powerful that they can drive their richest neighbors out of Montecito.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle purchased a 9-bedroom property in Los Angeles over a year ago. And their neighbors reportedly noticed a major change, but most of them are not positive.

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Actor Rob Lowe previously described Montecito as a sleepy little town. But when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into the neighborhood, they brought too much attention to Montecito.

“Let me tell you something. Once the royals move into your neighborhood, the neighborhood is never going to be the same,” Lowe said.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Transformed Montecito Into A Noisy, Unsafe Town

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Credit: BBC/YouTube

Globe, in its Nov. 22 issue, claimed that a handful of rich residents fled their homes after Prince Harry and Markle moved in because Montecito is no longer as quiet and as private as it once was.

“You’d think property values would skyrocket when royalty moves in, with people eager to buy in and brag they’re living next to a duke and duchess. But the opposite seems true. And the buyer of this latest sale is a trust, so nobody may move into the property. The way people seem to be in a rush to move away from Harry and Meghan is a real black eye for the couple,” an unnamed source said.

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Rich Montecito Residents Do Not Like Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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Credit: BBC/YouTube

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also, allegedly, been trying to build their image as caring individuals, but their neighbors are not buying it. After all, they are aware that Prince Harry and Markle have been chasing paydays ever since they quit The Firm.

“Everything they do paints them as crybaby, money-grubbing, snooty show-offs. Now, even wealthy people – who normally fawn and gush over royalty – apparently can’t wait to move out of their neighborhood,” the unnamed source concluded.

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The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex’s Neighbor Calls Them Rude, Unfriendly

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Credit: CBS/YouTube

Life & Style, in its Nov. 22 issue, published a similar story about Prince Harry and Markle. They claimed the Montecito neighborhood has gone to hell ever since the couple relocated there.

Prince Harry and Markle’s neighbors are reportedly not thrilled that Montecito is getting all this unwanted attention. After all, most of the residents in the neighborhood may be rich, but they prefer to be discreet.

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“Most people here are discreet, not flashy, despite their wealth, unlike Harry and Meghan, who’ve turned their property into the White House with all their security and black Cadillac Escalades driving in and out, blocking the narrow roads,” another source claimed.

Prince Harry and Markle’s unnamed neighbor also detailed two encounters he had with the couple. On one occasion, he said hello to Prince Harry and Markle, but they just ignored him.

During another instance, Prince Harry got in the way of his neighbor and the latter’s friend while the dad of two was riding his bicycle. But the Duke of Sussex didn’t, allegedly, apologize to the unnamed man.

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“If they were friendlier, perhaps I’d be more forgiving. But it’s hard to give them the benefit of the doubt when they act a cut above the rest,” the neighbor concluded.

Claims that Prince Harry and Markle are neighbors from hell are not necessarily new. In fact, shortly after they purchased their lavish home, they were also given the moniker because paparazzi started flocking to the neighborhood to catch a glimpse of the couple. As a result, the once-sleepy neighborhood suddenly had too many tourists and photographers visiting.

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Credit: TODAY/YouTube

This seems to be a sour topic for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After all, the couple previously issued a legal warning to photographers after they snapped pictures of Archie and Markle during their walk in Canada.

In their letter, the couple called the incident harassment and said that action will be taken if the publications purchase or publish the snaps.

“There are serious safety concerns about how the paparazzi are driving and the risk to life they pose,” the couple said via Town & Country.

During his interview on the Armchair Expert podcast, Prince Harry revealed that the paparazzi pounced on his family shortly after they moved to Los Angeles.

“The helicopters, the drones, the paparazzi cutting the fence—it was madness. The people out here, their response was, ‘well, what do you expect if you live in L.A.?'” Prince Harry said.

While it is true that Montecito became a tad bit less private since Prince Harry and Markle moved in the neighborhood, it doesn’t seem plausible that they are causing residents to depart their homes in order to get more privacy elsewhere.

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