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Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle’s Husband Allegedly Wants To Be Branded As A Leader In America Like Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg Using His Memoir, Royal Expert Claims

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Prince Harry recently gave a speech about Nelson Mandela at the UN General Assembly and received a slew of reviews. Even though some of the comments that he received were negative, sources are convinced that this wouldn’t be the last time that they will hear Prince Harry talking about the people and issues that are close to his heart.

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Prince Harry Will Use His Memoir To Help Him Be Branded As A Leader In The US

In fact, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed that royal fans could expect more from Prince Harry since he seemingly wants to be branded as a leader in the United States. More specifically, he allegedly wants to follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg, who are earning $100,000 for every speech that they give.

“What I think he’s trying to do is brand himself as a Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama — some guy that can get $100,000 dollars for a speech in Miami to a bunch of rich dudes. I think he is trying to brand himself as a leader in the United States and will use his book to try to do that. He wanted to try to rewrite his story and to be this phoenix rising from the ashes. That is the route I think he is going to go,” Schofield said (via Express).

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Prince Harry’s Memoir Will Allegedly Include Bombshells About The Royal Family

Prince Harry’s memoir is slated for release this year, and there are rumors that it could contain some major bombshells about the royal family. For instance, one of the claims that have been circulating online has to do with Prince Harry’s relationship with his stepmom, Camilla Parker-Bowles.

According to some royal experts, Prince Harry’s relationship with Camilla improved in recent years. But it deteriorated after he married Meghan Markle. After all, there are still ongoing allegations of racism within the royal family, and the Duchess of Cornwall is predicted to be the culprit.

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However, British journalist Celia Walden also claimed that royal fans and royal experts may already experience the so-called “Harry Fatigue.” So, the public could grow tired of his memoir even before it’s released.

Walden also claimed that several books about the royal family are scheduled to be released this year. So, Prince Harry’s memoir could easily be overshadowed by other publications.

“In November, comes a double whammy from two well-known royal experts. Katie Nicholl will publish a forensic examination of the firm in The New Royals, while Angela Levin will publish a biography of the Duchess of Cornwall. Again, both are expected to include versions of Megxit and, given Levin’s criticism of the Sussexes and rumors that Harry’s autobiography will contain criticism of his stepmother, hers is unlikely to be favorable in their regard. It’s enough to make me feel a stab of pity for the prince. Imagine having 'your truth' drowned out by a load of other people, all telling different versions of that truth, all collectively prompting Harry Fatigue?” she said (via Express).

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