Princess Beatrice Shock: Prince Andrew’s Daughter Reportedly Moved Away From Princess Eugenie’s Nurturing Protection So She Could Find Her Place In The Royal Spotlight, Body Language Expert Says

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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have always been close. As the only two children of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, the siblings grew up together and have already considered themselves best of friends.

Even though they do not work as senior royals, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie have been attending royal engagements alongside the other members of the royal family throughout the past couple of years.


But in recent years, royal fans noticed that they have been seeing more of Princess Beatrice than Princess Eugenie. The sisters that used to be a package deal have distanced themselves in public – but it’s not because they have issues between them.

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Princes Beatrice Veered Away From Princess Eugenie’s Nurturing Protection In Recent Months


While speaking with Express, body language expert, Judi James said that Princess Beatrice wants to find her place in the royal spotlight. And this could be the reason why she has been making public appearances without her sister.

“Beatrice does seem to be creating a higher profile in the Firm currently. That might be thanks to her husband Edoardo rather than any alienation from her sister Eugenie. While the two sisters remain intensely bonded, Beatrice does seem to have moved slightly away from Eugenie’s nurturing protection recently. She is looking keener to take her own place in the royal spotlight,” James said.

The body language expert went on to say that nothing much changed between Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie other than the fact that they have not been making joint public appearances as often as they used to.

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Princess Beatrice And Princess Eugenie Are Not Feuding With Each Other

However, this shouldn’t be a concern among royal fans because the siblings were just photographed together at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

“The relationship between the two Princesses remains the same in terms of their non-verbal signals when they are together. But Beatrice also seems to be influenced by her husband’s body language, which could be described as ‘top tier royal.’ Edoardo has a very regal presence. His face-gazing, very polite but also high-status rituals when he is with Prince Charles or other members of the top-tier royals suggests he is very keen to promote this side of his profile,” James explained.


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Princess Beatrice’s Body Language Changed, Influenced By Her Husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

The expert also talked about the changes in Princess Beatrice’s body language. James said that the mom of one used to appear spontaneous and un-regal compared to the other members of the royal family.


“But suddenly we are seeing a much more focused approach to being a member of the Firm, almost as though she feels she has been promoted by her marriage or that she is keen to retain this aspect of her heritage. She is adopting a more formal appearance, in keeping with her husband’s more traditional approach,” James concluded.

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