Prince Harry Shock: King Charles’ Son Allegedly Poked Fun at Princess Anne’s Countless Engagements, Blindsided Princess Eugenie by Talking About Prince Andrew’s Lawsuit in Spare

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry's memoir Spare did not just include stories about his immediate family members like King Charles and Prince William. Other members of the royal family, like Princess Anne and Prince Andrew, didn't also manage to escape the Duke of Sussex's books.

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Did Prince Harry Make Fun Of Princess Anne's Royal Engagements In Spare?

Following the release of Spare, New Idea claimed that two members of the royal family were particularly upset with Prince Harry. In his book, the Duke of Sussex seemingly poked fun at the number of engagements Princess Anne took on. Queen Elizabeth's only daughter has been dubbed as the hardest-working member of the royal family for a couple of years now.

"Certain members had become obsessed … [with having] the highest number of engagements. Things Willy and I wouldn't have dreamed of including. Nine private visits with veterans, helping with their mental health? Zero points. Flying by helicopter to cut a ribbon on a horse farm? Winner," Prince Harry wrote.

Even though Meghan Markle's husband did not mention Princess Anne's name directly, a source for the magazine alleged that Princess Royal knew her nephew was talking about her. As such, Princess Anne allegedly read the riot act to the Duke of Sussex.

"She basically phoned him up and said that his grandmother would have been so disappointed in him," the source said.

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Prince Harry Should Talk To Princess Anne Since She's Also A Spare?

Despite Prince Harry's criticisms of Princess Anne, a source told The Times that the Duke of Sussex should follow more in his aunt's footsteps. After all, Princess Anne was also technically King Charles' spare.

"He really ought to talk to Princess Anne. She often talked about how, as children, she was treated so differently from Charles. She was second to him and kicked further down the line of succession as a woman, but she forged her own path. In her twenties, she was bolshy and upset about a lot of things, but she came through that. He should talk to her about her experiences. She is shrewd, she could tell him a lot about what she went through," the source said (via Tatler).

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Princess Eugenie Allegedly Upset With Prince Harry's Decision To Talk About Prince Andrew's Lawsuit In His Memoir

Also, in Spare, Prince Harry talked about Prince Andrew's sexual abuse lawsuit and said that despite what his uncle was accused of, he was still able to keep his security team. He and Markle, on the other hand, were forced to pay for their own security after they quit The Firm.

"Despite being involved in an embarrassing scandal, accused of having sexually abused a young woman, nobody had suggested removing his security. People may have a lot of grievances towards us, but sexual offenses weren't one of them," Prince Harry wrote.

New Idea's source claimed that Princess Eugenie became upset with her cousin for including Prince Andrew in Spare.

"She couldn't believe Harry would do this to her, after all the support she's shown them and the close friendship she's given Meghan. Eugenie remaining friends with the Sussexes has made life at the palace difficult for her too," the source said.

Despite the claims, Princess Eugenie has always been supportive of Prince Harry's dating life. According to the Duke of Sussex, his cousin grilled him following his painfully awkward first date with his now ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

"Disencouraged, I told her the date had gone well but the ending had left something to be desired. She didn't disagree. She'd already spoken to Cressida. She sighed. Awkward," Prince Harry wrote (via Daily Mail).

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