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Prince Harry Shock: Prince William’s Brother Accused of Selling the Royal Family Out for Money? Former Royal Butler Claims Duke Could’ve Written an Open Letter Instead

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Prince Harry is receiving flak for seemingly selling out his family in exchange for millions. During his recent interviews, the Duke of Sussex said that he tried reaching out to King Charles and Prince William, but they refused to talk to him. So, he decided to write a memoir, appear in a Netflix documentary, and so much more.

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Prince Harry Should’ve Written An Open Letter To King Charles Instead Of A Memoir?

But according to former royal butler Grant Harrold, Prince Harry could’ve handled the situation better. He said that if Prince Harry really wasn’t after the money, he could’ve just written an open letter to King Charles when the monarch refused to talk to him.

“When you’ve got an organization or a firm, like a monarchy it’s difficult. The way he’s doing it if he wants to make changes and say there are things he’s saying that need to be fixed or changed I don’t think this is the way to do it. He’s also said he can’t reach his brother and father. Rather than go and do a million-pound Netflix deal or sell your story and do all the interviews, why not write an open letter to his father?” he said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Former Royal Butler Says Prince Harry Is Accused Of Selling His Family Out For Money?

Harrold also said that Prince Harry could’ve listed down all his concerns in the letter if he thought this was how he could get to King Charles.

“Something like that if he really can’t get to his dad, for no money. That’s why people are questioning him. There’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing working with the media, I get working with the media but there are ways of going about it,” he said.

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Prince Harry’s Stories ‘Do Not Add Up,’ Grant Harrold Claims

Harrold also echoed the sentiments of some critics and royal experts who questioned Prince Harry’s credibility. After all, some of his stories in Spare reportedly did not add up.

The former royal butler said that he believes some of the things that Prince Harry said about the institution, but others, he’s not quite sure.

“[Harry] has said things that I think are true, he’s also said things that I know don’t add up. I wouldn’t say it’s a lie, it just doesn’t add up. People are catching him out…there’s confusion. I think this is why I really agree with everyone saying it’s better to stop all this and walk away from this,” he said.

Harrold also explained how the palace operates and said that the changes that Prince Harry wants to see from The Firm cannot happen overnight.

“When you’ve worked for the royal household you see that. The household manages the diaries, the schedules, and what they are doing day to day from the office down to the butlers. There is a team there to make it all run efficiently and there is a lot of politics, there’s politics in a lot of organizations and there’s obviously something that he feels is wrong or is not working right and wants to change it. When you’ve got an organization or a firm, like a monarchy it’s difficult,” he said.

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