Princess Anne Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Only Daughter Reportedly Gave Meghan Markle A Savage Advice That Left Duchess Dumbfounded, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Princess Anne is one of the most hardworking members of the royal family. In fact, there were times wherein she conducted more engagements than Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. And unlike the father and son, Princess Royal’s royal engagements are not always publicized because she prefers to do things privately.

So, it isn’t surprising to know that when Meghan Markle first joined the royal family, she turned to Princess Anne for support and advice. But to the Duchess of Sussex’s surprise, Princess Anne gave her a savage tip that left her feeling dumbfounded.

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Princess Anne Gave Meghan Markle A Surprising Advice About Her Job As A Royal

On his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean detailed the conversation between the two women.

“This senior royal takes no nonsense, much like her father the late Duke of Edinburgh. Apparently, when Meghan Markle joined the Royal Family, she sought out Princess Anne. According to a very good source, Princess Anne gave very sage advice to the new royal. As we know, Princess Anne is the hardest working royal. She does endless amounts of engagements. She turns up does the job and does not seek the limelight, and represents the Queen. I thought the recent visit together with the Queen to the Thames Hospice was wonderful. But apparently, Meghan left her meeting with Princess Anne dumbfounded,” Sean said (via Express).

The royal expert continued by saying that Princess Anne told Markle that being part of the monarchy is a job. And just like any other job, you need to turn up on time, conduct necessary research, and do your duty, and it’s always about the project at hand.

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Meghan Markle Did Not Follow Princess Anne’s Advice

Princes Anne also, reportedly, told Markle that whatever she needs to immerse into the charities she is involved in. But Sean claimed that the Duchess of Sussex didn’t seem to listen to Princess Anne’s advice. And she also failed to warm up to the Queen’s only daughter.

“According to a very good source, Meghan Markle failed to warm to Princess Anne. And Princess Anne always knew that Meghan would have a very short shelf-life in the world of the British monarchy,” Sean said.

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Body Language Expert Claimed Princess Anne And Meghan Markle Looked Happy Together During Their Engagements

But body language expert Judi James said the opposite about Markle and Princess Anne’s relationship after analyzing their outings in 2018 and 2019.

She told Express that even though Markle and Princess Anne did not have a lot of things in common, they had great respect and adoration for each other.

“So a beautiful Hollywood actress with no apparent interest in horses like Meghan might not have been the first choice in terms of instant bonding and rapport. But Meghan turned out to be a lot more than that initial profile. Her passion for her causes and her eloquence, plus what looks like a shared sense of humor, did throw up some poses where the two women looked genuinely happy in each other’s company,” James said.

As of writing, it’s unclear if Princess Anne and Markle are still able to talk to each other now that the latter is already residing in the United States.

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