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Prince Harry Heartbreak: Meghan Markle’s Husband Reportedly Never Received an Invite From Prince William, Kate Middleton to Visit Kensington Palace: ‘Three Is a Crowd’

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Prince Harry once referred to Kate Middleton as the sister that he never had. And since the in-laws developed a special bond with each other, royal fans immediately assumed that everything was perfect between them behind closed doors. But in his book Spare, the Duke of Sussex shed light on his relationship with Middleton and her husband, Prince William.

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Prince Harry Claims He Feared Kate Middleton Would Take Prince William Away From Him?

According to Prince Harry, he once feared that Kate Middleton would take Prince William away from him. After all, the brothers only had each other growing up. But when Prince William fell in love with his wife, Prince Harry knew that things would somehow be different.

The Duke of Sussex also alleged that Prince William did not inform him beforehand of his plans to propose to Middleton. And he only found out that the royal couple is engaged through the media.

But even though Prince William did not inform him of his engagement beforehand, he still supported him when he married his wife. Following Prince William and Middleton's engagement, Prince Harry said that he couldn't help himself from thinking about his future wife. After all, he always thought that he would get married before his brother.

Markle's husband also clarified that the stories about him giving Prince William their mother's ring to propose to Middleton weren't true. As of writing, the Duke of Sussex said that he's still holding on to the ring.

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Prince Harry Claims He Wasn't Bothered By All The Perks Prince William And Kate Middleton Received After Their Wedding?

What's more, the dad of two also talked about some of the changes he and Prince William experienced after the latter tied the knot. He said that Prince William and Middleton received more perks than ever after they settled down.

For instance, the royal couple was given a bigger residence, more cars, and more security. Prince Harry claimed that he didn't mind these perks, but he wanted to receive more respect.

"While he says he 'wasn't bothered' about the advantages, he said the 'respect' mattered to him. He claimed he felt like an outsider and a 'non-person' because he was a bachelor," according to Daily Mail.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Never Invited Prince Harry To Their Home?

And in 2013, Prince Harry relocated to Nottingham Cottage, which meant that he was living just a stone's throw away from Prince William and Middleton. But despite the close proximity that they had with each other, the Duke of Sussex claimed that he never received an invitation to visit the couple at Kensington Palace.

"Despite 'assuming' he'd receive an invite, he said he was left disappointed and believed they felt 'three is a crowd,'" the publication claimed.

And when it was finally Prince Harry's turn to find love and fall in love, he claimed that he didn't receive Prince William and Middleton's support. The Duke of Sussex reportedly said that he wanted nothing more than to be a foursome with the Waleses, but they didn't seem interested.

"When the two did decide to marry, Harry claims William told him on the eve of their wedding in 2018 that he was spending the evening with Kate and their children. The duke writes that it was a sensitive time, because it had been their 'tradition' and that William' canceled at the last minute," the publication claimed.

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