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Prince William, Kate Middleton Still Haven’t Watched Harry & Meghan? Prince, Princess of Wales Reportedly Learned Key Details About the Documentary From Palace Aides

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were reportedly busy with their three children when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s documentary aired last week. But even if they weren’t preoccupied with their family’s needs, a royal author insisted that the couple wouldn’t have still watched Harry & Meghan.

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Still Haven’t Watched Harry & Meghan?

But according to Cheat Sheet, Prince William and Kate Middleton still managed to get important information from the documentary even if they didn’t watch it. After all, their palace aides watched Harry & Meghan and shared with them some of the things that they heard from the Sussexes.

Harry & Meghan was filled with stories about the Prince and Princess of Wales. For instance, the Duke of Sussex claimed that The Firm was happy to lie to his brother, but they refused to tell the truth to protect him and his wife.

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Meghan Markle Detailed Her First Meeting With Prince William And Kate Middleton In Harry & Meghan

Markle, on the other hand, detailed her first meeting with Prince William and Kate Middleton, which took place at Prince Harry’s home.

“When Will and Kate came over and I had met her for the first time, they came over for dinner. I remember I was in ripped jeans and barefoot. Like I was a hugger, always been a hugger. I didn't realize that that is really jarring for a lot of Brits. I guess I'd start to understand very quickly that the formality on the outside, carried through on the inside. There is a forward-facing way of being and then you close the door and you relax now. But that formality carries over on both sides. And that was surprising to me,” she said (via People).

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Royal Family Distancing Themselves From Harry & Meghan?

By the looks of it, these stories about Prince William and Middleton were already relayed to them by their palace aides. After all, royal author Katie Nicholl previously told Entertainment Tonight that the British clan did not have any plans to watch the documentary.

“So, my understanding is that the royals, certainly the King and the Queen Consort, will not be watching the docuseries. And William and Kate, well, my understanding again, was that they were on the school run today. They weren’t at home when the docuseries aired. It was business as usual, family first, and I don’t believe they will be watching it, no,” she said.

Nicholl also claimed that the royal family is keeping their distance from the project.

“I think there’s a sense of weariness and fatigue at hearing this story solely through the mouthpieces of Harry and Megan. Of course, William and Kate, the King and Queen Consort can’t answer back, so I think it’s just a case of, we’re not going to engage. Yes, they’re free to do this if this is the path they choose to take. But we’ll only intervene if there is anything deeply damaging. As with Oprah, the palace only intervened over that damaging race allegation about the color of their unborn son’s skin,” she said.

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