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Prince William Disappointed With Prince Harry for Portraying Him in a Cynical Light? Kate Middleton’s Husband Reportedly Wanted to Move On After Brother’s Interview With Oprah Winfrey

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Prince William and Prince Harry used to be very close. But things changed between the brothers after the Duke of Sussex started dating Meghan Markle. At first, Prince William supported the couple's relationship. However, when he found out that Prince Harry wanted to propose to Markle, he reportedly tried to stop him.

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Prince William Disappointed With Prince Harry Following His Netflix Documentary?

Over the years, Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship worsened because of their unresolved issues. Now, a source for Us Weekly is claiming that the Prince of Wales is disappointed with the Duke of Sussex following the release of Harry & Meghan.

"He's disappointed with Harry for portraying him and the [royal] family in a cynical light. William was hoping they could move on after the CBS interview [in March 2021], but Harry airing his dirty laundry has only heightened the conflict between the two brothers and resulted in them taking a step backward," the source said.

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Prince William Has A Great Sense Of Mistrust Toward Prince Harry?

A second source told Page Six recently that Prince William and Prince Harry's once close relationship could be a thing of the past forever. After all, the brothers' issues are no longer salvageable after everything that the Duke of Sussex said about Kate Middleton's husband.

A third source told Vanity Fair that Prince William feels betrayed by Prince Harry.

"There's a great sense of mistrust, it's why William won't speak to Harry, because he is nervous that anything he says might end up in a book or a TV series," the source said.

In Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry made several shocking revelations about Prince William. For instance, he accused the heir to the throne of siding with the institution instead of him.

The Duke of Sussex also claimed that Prince Harry shouted at him during the royal family's summit right before he and Markle quit The Firm.

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Prince Harry Claims Prince William Also Betrayed Him?

According to Prince Harry, Prince William also betrayed him after he broke his promise of never using their comms team to tarnish each other's reputation. The dad of two became convinced that his brother and Middleton were behind some of the dubious reports about him and Markle.

"To see my brother's office copy — the very same thing that we promised the two of us would never, ever do — that was heartbreaking," Prince Harry said (via Yahoo! News).

As of writing, Prince William has not responded to Prince Harry and Markle's claims in their Netflix documentary. According to InStyle, the Prince and Princess of Wales did not have any plans to watch Harry & Meghan.

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