Prince Harry Banned From Meghan Markle’s Latest Interview Because He Could Be Too Much of a Distraction? Royal Expert Claims Duchess’ PR Team Is Trying to Realign Her Image

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Meghan Markle recently made headlines following the release of her interview with Variety. During her conversation with the publication, the Duchess of Sussex talked about her children, Archie, and Lilibet, her husband, Prince Harry, as well as Queen Elizabeth.

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Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Was Banned From Meghan Markle's Interview Because He Could Be A Distraction

Those who read Meghan Markle's interview would know that Prince Harry wasn't quoted in it. According to royal expert Neil Sean, this could have been because the Duke of Sussex was banned from taking part.

On his YouTube channel, Sean claimed that he was told that Markle's PR team didn't want Prince Harry to be part of the interview because he could be too much of a distraction. As of late, Sean's source allegedly told him that the PR team is trying to realign the Suits alum's image.

"We have to say allegedly, there was one person that couldn't be featured. That was, of course … the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry. According to that good source, it was all down to the fact that they were realigning Miss Markle's PR, you know, her personal look [and] how people viewed her. The reason why Harry apparently was banned is [because] the new PR team, and ever we have to say allegedly, feel [Harry] could be too much of a distraction," Sean said (via Cheat Sheet).

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Meghan Markle, Her PR Team Are Trying To Realign, Reinvent Her Image

The royal expert also claimed that Meghan Markle is trying to recreate her image, but only time will tell if the public will buy the "remixed, revitalized, and rejuvenated" version of the Duchess of Sussex.

"[Meghan is] trying to reaffirm herself as a fun, interesting, just [an] average mum with two children [and a] fun, giggly, more importantly friendly [and] down-to-earth kind of person," Sean said (via Express).

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Meghan Markle Made Some Adjustments When She First Joined The Royal Family

Two years ago, royal pundit Victoria Murphy said that Markle had to reinvent herself when she married Prince Harry. For a time, she was no longer allowed to have her own social media account, and she couldn't also comment on political issues.

"She's a 36-year-old woman, she has had a long time to have an independent life to forge her own opinions, and she has very much made a career of promoting herself - of putting herself forward. She has an Instagram account, and she's been very open and outspoken about a lot of things. And these are things that are going to have to change. It does feel like a need for a bit of reinvention really, she is really kind of parking what she's done before and moving herself into her new role. And at the moment everything seems to point to her being really invested in everything that's required to make this role a success," she said (via Express).

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