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Prince Harry Regrets the Things He Said About Kate Middleton in His Docuseries? Duke of Sussex Reportedly Wants to Revise Some Clips but Netflix Refused

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Prince Harry and Kate Middleton used to be very close. In fact, the Princess of Wales even teared up a little when she heard Prince Harry's best man speech during her royal wedding to Prince William. But over the years, the in-law's relationship seemingly changed.

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Prince Harry And Kate Middleton's Relationship Changed Over The Years

According to reports, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton's relationship became strained because of the former's ongoing feud with Prince William. Since Middleton is married to the Prince of Wales, it's not a surprise to know that she might have been siding with him.

Middleton and Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle, did not also have the chance to become close friends. So, their differences might have also impacted Prince Harry and Middleton's relationship.

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Prince Harry Regrets The Things He Said Against Kate Middleton In His Docuseries

According to Now to Love, Prince Harry and Markle have said a number of negative things about Middleton in their Netflix docuseries. But after the queen's death, the Duke of Sussex couldn't help but regret his decision to shade Middleton.

So, he allegedly tried to have some of the things he said about Middleton removed, but Netflix did not grant his request. In fact, the streaming platform did not also allow Prince Harry and Markle to reshoot some of the scenes in their docuseries because they want it to be released by December.

"Harry has seen some of the footage and with some clarity after his grandmother's funeral, he feels bad that Kate's being dragged into it again. He must also realize it would be in his best interest to wheel back things he's said about his father and brother, especially given the rumors that Harry would like to try and remedy his relationship with them next year," the source said.

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Netflix Denied Prince Harry's Request To Reshoot Some Scenes From His Docuseries

Another source told Page Six that docuseries director Liz Garbus doesn't want to make too many changes to the project.

"They invested 150 million into the Sussexes two years ago, and it's time they had something to show for it. If they allow the Sussexes to walk back any of their dynamite comments, they may as well not use it at all. Netflix is not only using him but also his family's story in The Crown [due out next month], as a way to fold in advertising for the first time. It was always about money for them," the source said.

As of writing, the official release date of Prince Harry and Markle's docuseries has not yet been announced.

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