Prince Andrew Shock: Sarah Ferguson’s Ex-husband Allegedly Threatening King Charles to Reinstate His Paycheck, Privileges or He’ll Release a Humiliating Tell-All Against the Royal Family

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew still hasn’t returned to his royal duties after stepping down four years ago. At the time, the Duke of York was accused of sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He sat down for an interview where he vehemently denied Giuffre’s allegations. But he later agreed to a settlement with his accuser.

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Prince Andrew Wants King Charles To Reinstate His Paycheck And Privileges?

Now, Radar Online is claiming that Prince Andrew is going to all lengths just so he could return to his royal duties and keep all the privileges that he has as a member of the royal family.

A source told the magazine that the Duke of York is threatening King Charles with a tell-all if the monarch refuses to reinstate his paycheck and privileges immediately.

“People thought Prince Harry’s memoir was bad, but what Andrew can reveal about certain members of his family would blow the lid off,” the source said.

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Prince Andrew Can Expose A Ton Of King Charles’ Secrets In His Tell-All?

The magazine went on to say that Prince Andrew knows a ton of King Charles’ secrets, including the latter’s infidelities and other controversies. And exposing them in his tell-all could destroy the monarch’s reputation.

“Andrew has access to information that could prove embarrassing to Charles and, indeed, the whole family. He could uncover details about his father Prince Philip’s ties to Hitler’s Nazi regime, and he wouldn’t be unwilling to spill the darkest secrets held by his own mother, Queen Elizabeth!” the source said.

Additionally, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband allegedly is upset with King Charles’ hypocrisy because he went on to marry his mistress, Camilla. But at the end of the day, the royal couple still gained the public’s support, unlike Prince Andrew and Fergie.

“Andrew feels he’s suffered enough — and he’ll make others suffer if they don’t heed his warning. He’s hell-bent on saving his tattered reputation, and a tell-all book seems like the way to go. If and when it gets published, he’ll be taking down a lot of people — including the head of the British monarchy!” the source concluded.

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Sarah Ferguson Planning To Release A Tell-All About Prince Andrew’s Sexual Abuse Scandal?

Meanwhile, Mirror UK recently claimed that Prince Andrew’s ex-wife is also planning to release a tell-all focused on her ex-husband’s sexual abuse scandal.

The mom of two recently held talks with American journalist Daphne Barak, who interviewed Ghislaine Maxwell while she is in prison. The publication claimed that Fergie’s tell-all would be sold to the highest bidder, and she is demanding no less than a six-figure paycheck.

“The Duchess has always seen the best in him [Andrew] and wants to come to his defense by telling her side of the story. The idea of an interview has been in the works for some time but now they have met in person to talk about the nitty-gritty,” a source said.

However, a spokesperson for Fergie confirmed that she isn’t in talks to release a tell-all about Prince Andrew.

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