King Charles Shock: Queen Consort Camilla’s Husband Could Abdicate in 7 Years Because He Doesn’t Want to Waste Millions on Another State Funeral, Can’t Fill Queen Elizabeth’s Shoes?

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

King Charles was just named king following the death of Queen Elizabeth in September. His coronation isn't scheduled until May 6, but there are already predictions that he could abdicate from the throne in seven years.

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King Charles Already Struggling At The Start Of His Reign?

Psychic John Hughes claimed that King Charles is already struggling with his position as early as now. He reportedly doubts himself and believes that he can never fill Queen Elizabeth's shoes.

Abdicating in just seven years means that King Charles will still be around when his eldest son Prince William becomes the new monarch. And according to Hughes, King Charles just wants to be practical because he doesn't want millions to be spent on another state funeral.

"I think he's struggling. King Charles is worried about the future. One million percent of it's going through his mind whether he can do the job. Within seven years, I think Charles will realize that he wants to abdicate. For the simple reason that he doesn't want to waste millions of pounds on a state funeral again. I know Charles will not be able to fulfill his mother's boots. It's too much of a big job, so he will restructure the royal family and put a young king in," he said (via Cheat Sheet).

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King Charles' Abdication Could Bring Prince William And Prince Harry Back Together?

According to Hughes, King Charles' abdication would also result in Prince William taking over the throne in seven years. And within two years, King Charles' other son Prince Harry could return to the royal fold following his split from Meghan Markle.

"I see Harry coming back to the fold. Charles will reselect his position within the royal family when that happens," he said.

But during King Charles' first address following the death of his mother, he made it clear that he wants to follow in Queen Elizabeth's footsteps.

"As the Queen herself did with such unswerving devotion, I too now solemnly pledge myself, throughout the remaining time God grants me, to uphold the constitutional principles at the heart of our nation," he said (via Business Insider).

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King Charles Could Abdicate In 2 Different Scenarios But Would Need To Get An Approval?

However, the fact that King Charles happens to be the oldest reigning monarch should be enough reason for some royal fans to worry. According to royal historian Marlene Koenig, he could indeed abdicate if he becomes incapacitated or sick.

If this happens, Prince William will automatically take over King Charles' position.

Koenig also said that King Charles could not just abdicate because he wants to pass the role and title to his son. Rather, he needs the British Parliament to pass an Act of Abdication to make this happen.

"He can't just say, 'OK, here it's yours, William.' Nope. The succession to the throne is legislated by parliament," she said.

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