Prince Andrew Shock: Princess Eugenie’s Dad Allegedly Told Pals He’s the Real Victim, Plans to Use Half His Inheritance From Queen Elizabeth to Take Down His Accuser

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Prince Andrew has not been seen in public since Queen Elizabeth’s memorial service. And prior to the queen’s passing, he also made a conscious effort to stay out of the limelight. In fact, the Duke of York took a step back from his royal duties years ago after he was accused of sexual abuse.

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Prince Andrew Still Not Done With His Sexual Abuse Accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre?

Last year, Prince Andrew and his accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre reached a settlement. The amount that the Duke of York was asked to pay Giuffre was not disclosed to the public. But there are whispers that the dad of two asked help from Queen Elizabeth and King Charles because he didn’t have enough money in his bank account.


According to Radar Online, several months may have already passed since Prince Andrew and Giuffre reached a settlement. But the Duke of York still hasn’t taken any responsibility for his actions. In fact, Prince Andrew allegedly told his friends that he is the real victim.

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Prince Andrew Plans To Use Half Of His Inheritance From Queen Elizabeth To Take Down Virginia Roberts Giuffre?


An unnamed source told the publication that Prince Andrew would be getting $25 million in inheritance from his late mother. And he allegedly doesn’t mind using half of it to take down Giuffre.

According to Finding Freedom author Omid Scobie, Prince Andrew doesn’t mind revisiting his sexual abuse case even if it means hurting the royal family along the way. After all, he’s confident that he could clear his name and prove that he did not do anything wrong.

“The death of his mother has meant he feels comfortable revisiting this, regardless of any discomfort it may bring to the family. He has always maintained his innocence and now he is keen to prove it,” Scobie wrote (via Yahoo! News).

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Prince Andrew Could Attend King Charles’ Coronation But Won’t Play A Key Role?

Meanwhile, there are also some reports claiming that Prince Andrew wants to return to his royal duties now that King Charles is the monarch. However, Prince William and King Charles reportedly want to make sure that the Duke of York cannot cause more embarrassment to the royal family.


“He has support privately but publicly, he is alone,” a source said.

As for writing, Prince Andrew’s fate when it comes to King Charles’ coronation on May 6 also remains unknown. It’s unclear if he would be allowed to participate in the milestone ceremony.

But even if he could be invited to attend, sources are saying that he wouldn’t be given a special role at the event, according to Honey 9.

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