Prince Andrew Shock: Queen Elizabeth’s Son Reportedly Watches Old Movies While Prince Charles, Prince William Take On More Royal Duties, Royal Expert Claims

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Andrew stepped back from his royal duties shortly after his Newsnight interview aired.

At the time, he vehemently denied sexually abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre, but some royal fans and royal experts refused to believe him. Now, there are claims that the Duke of York wants to return to his royal duties after his name has been cleared. But it is important to note that he and his accuser just reached a settlement, so his innocence or guilt wasn’t necessarily proven.

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Prince Charles And Prince Andrew Have Drifted Apart To The Point Of Not Speaking

While speaking with Fox News, royal expert Neil Sean said that the sexual abuse allegations affected Prince Andrew’s relationship with certain members of the royal family, especially his older brother, Prince Charles. The royal siblings no longer have a relationship with each other because they are not on speaking terms.

Sean also said that Prince Andrew faces Prince Charles’ wrath now more than ever because he and Prince William have been taking on more duties on behalf of Queen Elizabeth while the Duke of York is just at home relaxing. For his part, Prince Andrew is reportedly upset with Prince Charles and Prince William because they’ve been meddling with his discussions with the monarch.

“Today the relationship is virtually non-existent due to the extra workload that Charles and William have undertaken since the Queen has almost semi-retired now, which left Andrew to fill his time watching old movies on TV — visiting his mother at the castle and plotting that comeback which may now never happen,” he said.

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Prince Charles And Prince Andrew Never Really Got Along With Each Other

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In his previous column, Sean also revealed that Prince Charles and Prince Andrew never really saw each other eye to eye.

“It’s reported that the Queen sees Andrew as her 'favorite' son, and something he has played up to quite a lot despite Prince Charles having the higher public role. It always infuriated Charles that Andrew could do no wrong in the eyes of his mother who had more time for him simply because she had grown into her role by the time Andrew had arrived. Charles has had to simply work harder he feels than ever as Andrew was known back in the day as the fun-loving party prince, good-looking and always seen with the right people at all the hottest spots plus endless model girlfriends, while Charles always appeared more sour and dour by comparison,” Sean said.

Prince Charles has also found himself in a difficult position because the queen cannot reportedly make firm decisions about Prince Andrew because he’s her favorite son. As such, the heir to the throne is always the one who breaks the devastating news to his younger brother. For instance, Prince Charles was reportedly the one who told Prince Andrew that he should skip the Garter Day service last month.

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Prince William Followed In Prince Charles’ Footsteps, Distanced Himself From Prince Andrew

Prince William followed in his dad’s footsteps by putting his foot down and saying that if Prince Andrew attended the service, he would skip it altogether.

“Brothers at war — Charles and Andrew no longer speaking, and yet William eyeing up the future without Andrew in the frame for any kind of role in public at least. Both princes feel that Andrew should work on behind-the-scenes-charity, but this even if successful will not assure in the eyes of William any kind of return to public life,” Sean said (via Express).

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