Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson Distraught Over Possible Royal Lodge Eviction? King Charles Will Reportedly Cut Duke of York's Grant in April



There's a slim to zero chance that Prince Andrew will ever get back to the royal fold under his big brother King Charles' reign. A new report claim that he and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, who are still living together in Royal Lodge, are worried that they will lose their abode.

Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson Could Lose £30M Mansion

The Duke and Duchess of York, who have been divorced for decades, are still living together in Royal Lodge. However, they are reportedly worried they might be evicted because his annual £249,000 grant will be slashed this summer, and he might not be able to afford the £30 million Windsor's home running cost.

"It feels as though his brother wishes to evict him," an anonymous source told The Sun, referring to King Charles allegedly wanting to evict Prince Andrew from his home.

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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie's father was reportedly already warned, with a senior royal joking at Christmas, saying, "We will kick Andrew out of the house."

The Duke of York has reportedly told his pals he couldn't pay the property's upkeep and expects to be effectively evicted from the 30-room mansion by September.

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"Andrew and Sarah are distraught they have been given such short notice," the insider added. "The Queen died only a few months ago."

"He’s not being explicitly kicked out but it’s expected that he won’t be able to afford the maintenance. Royal Lodge has a swimming pool, 98 acres of land and is already in need of some repair."

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Will King Charles Leave Brother Prince Andrew Homeless?

Although King Charles wants a slimmer monarchy, an insider told the Daily Telegraph that "The King is not going to leave his brother homeless or penniless."

An unnamed insider also told the Sun that it was just the King's way of telling his siblings that he could use his own money to pay for things.

King Charles has reportedly ordered a major review of how the money is spent and told non-working royals to expect to tighten their belts.

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"He knows the public won’t want to see money wasted — particularly in the current climate," the insider added.

Will King Charles help Prince Andrew with his Royal Lodge expenses? Will the Duke and Duchess of York be eventually evicted?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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