Prince Andrew Heartbreak: Prince Charles, Prince William Disgusted With Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Favorite’ Child Following His Recent Retaliation?

Credit: BBC/YouTube

Credit: BBC/YouTube

Prince Andrew recently responded to Virginia Roberts’ claims that he sexually abused her at least three times when she was just a minor. In a statement sent out by his lawyers, the Duke of York accused Roberts of being money-hungry. He also claimed that his accuser is only suing him so that she would get another payday.

Prince Andrew’s statement did not sit well with a lot of people, including women’s rights advocates. Joan Smith, who crusades to end violence against women, slammed the royal for accusing Roberts of being motivated by money.

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Prince Charles, Prince William Disgusted With Prince Andrew

Globe, in its Nov. 22 issue, claimed that Prince Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton did not shy away from letting Prince Andrew know their real thoughts about the issue.

“Senior royals including Prince Charles and Prince William and their wives, Camilla and Kate, are horrified at Andrew’s sordid retaliation. The damage his arrogance is inflicting on the royal family – at a time when the queen is battling serious health problems – is unbelievable,” an unnamed source said.

Even though the royals have not directly addressed Prince Andrew’s sexual abuse scandal, they are, reportedly, enraged that it ever happened.

“The royals are furious this scandal ever happened – and Andrew is making things worse if that’s even possible. Charles and William are disgusted and I’m told Her Majesty is heartbroken. She’s fighting major health problems and this crisis is only making things worse,” the unnamed source explained.

Prince Andrew won’t likely be seen with any member of the royal family because of what he has done, and he has also been labeled as a pariah.

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Prince Andrew’s Retaliation Criticized

Earlier this month, Mark Stephens, a partner at Howard Kennedy and UK media law expert, weighed in on Prince Andrew and his lawyers’ response to Roberts. He said that their retaliation may have just opened the dad of two up for more embarrassment.

“He obviously got fed up with the criticism that he’s taken so he has instructed lawyers to engage. The problem, of course, is that he’s now embarked on a route towards a case. He’s saying it should be struck out because she’s unreliable but also that he’s covered by the plea deal from Epstein in any event, which seemed to be sort of contradictory,” he said via Express.

Stephens went on to say that the statement shows that Prince Andrew wants to be able to explain himself and reiterate that the allegations are inaccurate. But the only way for him to do this is if there will be a court hearing.

A second source told The Guardian that Prince Andrew’s recent statement seemingly proved the public’s perception toward him when he sat down for an interview with the BBC in 2019.

“This looks like putting up a smokescreen to tarnish her [Giuffre’s] reputation but it has no legal relevance whatsoever. Whether or not she was complicit in assisting Epstein with his child abuse is neither here nor there when you consider the allegations against Prince Andrew, which are that he raped and molested her. However, he tarnishes her character, it makes absolutely no difference to that issue,” the source explained.

Prince Charles, Prince William, the queen, and other members of the royal family have not responded to Prince Andrew’s statement.

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