Prince Andrew Shock: Fergie’s Ex-Husband Could Ruin Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee This Way

Credit: BBC News/YouTube

Credit: BBC News/YouTube

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth have always been close. In fact, there are reports that the Duke of York is the monarch’s favorite son. Since Princess Anne and Prince Andrew has a 10-year age gap, the queen had more time to prepare for the birth of her two youngest children. Reports also revealed that the queen became more relaxed, and she was also warmer toward Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

Two years ago, Prince Andrew was accused of sexually abusing an underage girl named Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He has since denied the allegations, and Prince Andrew has not been convicted of anything.

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Following the reports, Sarah Ferguson’s ex-husband decided to take a step back from his royal duties, which the queen supported. But until today, the monarch has not spoken about Prince Andrew’s lawsuit.

Royal Family Except Queen Elizabeth Are Furious With Prince Andrew

In Touch Weekly, in its Nov. 15 issue, claimed that Prince Andrew and the queen’s relationship would never change no matter what. But the other members of the royal family will be furious with the Duke of York if he is proven guilty.

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“They can’t survive much more scandal. Plus, her Platinum Jubilee, in which the queen will celebrate a historic 70 years on the throne, is scheduled for just weeks before Andrew’s deposition is due. The celebration could be ruined by people protesting in the streets. It would destroy everything,” an unnamed source said.

According to reports, Prince Andrew needs to testify in Virginia’s civil suit by mid-July of 2021. But even if he’s been saying that he’s innocent, the allegations still caused panic at the palace.

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Prince Andrew Should Be Careful With What He’ll Say In Court

The Duke of York’s interview with the BBC in 2019 did not also help change the public’s perception of the royal. In fact, palace aides are worried that he would dig himself into a deeper hole when he testifies in court.

The publication also spoke with a so-called attorney from Beverly Hills, who’s not involved in Prince Andrew’s case. Jeffrey W. Steinberger said that Prince Andrew could face a criminal investigation regarding the sexual abuse case if he will disclose incriminating evidence in court.

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Prince Andrew’s lawyers have been working hard to prevent him from testifying. In fact, they succeeded after they told the judge about a 2009 settlement between Roberts and Jeffrey Epstein. However, they asked the court to keep the details of the settlement private.

“It looks a little shady that they’re so desperate to keep whatever was said about Andrew in that document a secret. And the agreement can only protect him against civil liability, but it’s unlikely to protect him from criminal prosecution,” Steinberger said.

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Prince Andrew’s Possible Court Appearance

Last week, New York district judge Lewis Kaplan said he would target October to December 2022 for Prince Andrew’s pre-trial dates. This proves that the tabloid’s claims that the hearing will take place in July are incorrect.

According to the BBC, Roberts’ lawyers need to respond to Prince Andrew’s motion to dismiss her lawsuit by Nov. 29. Prince Andrew’s lawyers, on the other hand, need to respond to Roberts’ attorneys by Dec. 13.

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Does Virginia Roberts Giuffre Want Prince Andrew’s Money?

On Friday, the Duke of York’s lawyers claimed that Roberts has not given up on the lawsuit because she’s awaiting another massive payday from the royal.

Roberts previously accused the dad of two of sexually abusing her when she was just 17 years old. She also claimed that the late Epstein trafficked her to his friends, which includes Prince Andrew, according to CNN.

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