Oshi no Ko VAs Recreate Heartbreaking Hoshino Family Scene in Real Life

Oshi no Ko Hoshino Family Ai

Oshi no Ko Hoshino Family Ai

Although the first season ended on a happy note, fans were moved to tears as Oshi no Ko voice actors recreated two heartbreaking scenes of the Hoshino family before Ai’s tragedy at the end of the first episode.

These new real-life recreations were shared by Ruby VA Yurie Igoma and Ai VA Rie Takahashi on their personal Twitter accounts, and they drew strong reactions from fans of the anime.

Spoiler Warning: There are Oshi no Ko anime spoilers in this article.

Fans Are Moved to Tears as Oshi no Ko VAs Recreate Hoshino Family Scene

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While the first season ended a few weeks ago, the Oshi no Ko live radio show ended just yesterday.

For those unfamiliar, weekly radio shows are a common way to promote new anime, and they’re usually hosted by the main voice actors.

The Oshi no Ko radio show’s final episode was hosted by Yurie Igoma and Aqua VA Takeo Otsuka. Meanwhile, their guest is Rie Takahashi.

Even though the radio show is only available in Japanese, even fans from outside Japan were moved to tears by this image shared by Igoma following the final episode’s broadcast.

This photo is an accurate recreation of the heartbreaking final scene of the anime’s first episode which features Ai recording a message to her children.

The tweet got a lot of attention from fans as it received over 30k likes in under 24 hours.

It also got a lot of replies, with some saying how cute it is. Though many said that it just made them sad again as it reminded them of Ai’s death.

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Ai Hoshino VA Rie Takahashi Shares Another Hoshino Family Photo

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But that’s not the only tearjerker that the show’s cast shared. Not to be outdone, Takahashi also shared a photo on her Twitter account, where she’s in the middle of Igoma and Otsuka.

While it’s not a recreation of a scene in the anime, it’s instead a reference to the ending scene of the Idol music video by YOASOBI.

This scene shows Ai jumping and hugging her grown-up children from behind. Sadly, that doesn’t happen for real.

The tweet also got lots of likes, with many fans also noting that it’s a reference to the saddest part of the YOASOBI music video.

Takahashi might not return as Ai after the first season’s events, but fans can at least look forward to Oshi no Ko Season 2 as it has been confirmed shortly after the Season 1 finale.

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