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Oshi no Ko Anime's Director 'Tried Not to Like' the Source Material

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Oshi no Ko Director Ruby Hoshino

Oshi no Ko’s first season was a huge success as it drew in new fans all while making manga readers happy. Surprisingly, the Oshi no Ko anime’s director revealed that he tried not to get too attached to the original manga.

Recently, Febri interviewed Daisuke Hiramaki, the director of the Oshi no Ko anime at Doga Kobo. Hiramaki is an industry veteran who has worked on many popular titles, but this new one is arguably his biggest hit.

In the interview, Hiramaki shared his unique approach to adapting the manga into an anime, which involves not getting too attached to the source material.

Oshi no Ko Director Was Shocked by the Anime’s International Success

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Before he talked about his approach to adapting the manga, Hiramaki first shared his reactions to its success.

Oshi no Ko certainly had a lot of hype behind it ahead of the Spring 23 season, but it exceeded expectations following its premiere. That’s because the show became a huge trending topic online.

What’s interesting is that the anime wasn’t only a hit for existing readers, but it also gained lots of new fans. It’s also worth noting that the show’s popularity was global and not just within Japan.

Hiramaki revealed that, at first, he couldn’t believe the response as he didn’t expect it to become as popular as it became.

Funnily, Hiramaki mentioned that he started getting a lot of calls from friends that he hadn’t seen in a while following the show’s success. This proved that the show truly became a sensation.

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Oshi no Ko Anime Director Wasn’t Attached to the Manga

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As for his adaptation style, Hiramaki said that when he adapts manga into anime, he tries not to like the original too much. What he meant was that he tries to look at each work objectively.

For instance, he tries not to get attached to characters or moments. Instead, he wants to look at the work as a whole so he can decide how to best translate the work into the anime medium.

That doesn’t mean Hiramaki strayed from the manga. In fact, he also said in the interview that creators Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari participated in preliminary meetings and the dubbing sessions.

With Hiramaki still at the helm for the next season, it’s fair to say that the Oshi no Ko anime's future is in great hands.

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Source: Febri


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