Is the Oshi no Ko Manga Worth Reading for Anime Fans?

Is the Oshi no Ko Manga Worth Reading for Anime Fans? Ai Hoshino
Credit: Doga Kobo

Is the Oshi no Ko Manga Worth Reading for Anime Fans? Ai Hoshino
Credit: Doga Kobo

Oshi no Ko broke the internet with its 90-minute pilot episode, which sent everyone into a meltdown. It was the headliner of the Spring 2023 anime season, but is the Oshi no Ko manga worth reading for anime fans?

The Oshi no Ko manga is written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari.

So far, the manga has released nine story arcs, chronicling the fate of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino in the entertainment industry, spread over 100 chapters.

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Why Is Oshi no Ko Popular?

There’s not a single soul in the anime community who thought that Oshi no Ko would dethrone Fullmetal Alchemist as the highest-rated anime on MAL in a single episode.

Even if it was only for a short time, Oshi no Ko etched its name and glory in the anime industry.

Oshi no Ko's first episode even broke the record for the highest-rated anime episode in MAL's history, smashing previous record holders.

Even HIDIVE declared that the debut episode of Oshi no Ko had become the streaming platform's biggest launch ever.

Why Is Oshi no Ko Popular? Kana Arima
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Credit: Doga Kobo

It was nothing like an anime's premiere episode; seeing the first episode felt more like seeing an anime film that left us heartbroken for Ai Hoshino and her children. They were a lovely family of three, but it ended tragically.

This is just one of the many reasons Oshi no Ko is popular. It affected a lot of people on a very personal level, as the viewers related to Ai and all of her lies.

She only wants to genuinely love and be loved, despite the cruel environment that keeps taking this chance away from her.

And in her final moments, Ai manages to be free of all the lies that have shaped her existence.

It was an immense scene that will live on in the minds of everyone who witnessed it.

Meanwhile, Oshi no Ko’s strength also relies on its amazing character designs, most particularly the captivating starry eyes of the characters.

It pulls the viewers in, making us wonder if there’s more to them than meets the eye.

It also sparked many speculations, and people enjoyed sharing their impressions and opinions about it.

Oshi no Ko is without a doubt one of the best anime with the best anime eyes.

Oshi no Ko's opening, ending, and even insert songs are all amazing. They were the kind of anime songs that would stay in your mind for weeks on end.

It was even reported that the opening song, Idol, from Oshi no Ko had been streamed over 100 million times!

Most importantly, the exposition of the entertainment industry in Oshi no Ko is well done.

Through the characters’ dialogue, the viewers can learn so much about the difficulties of being in the entertainment industry.

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Is the Oshi no Ko Manga Worth Reading?

Is the Oshi no Ko Manga Worth Reading?
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Credit: Doga Kobo
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Definitely, the Oshi no Ko manga is worth reading for anime fans. If you love the anime, you will love the manga as well, if not more.

But for those who aren’t invested or interested in the dark side of the entertainment industry, you will fail to appreciate the series’ exposition.

The pacing is also a bit odd, but it gets better with time. The manga's initial few chapters are not as engaging as the latter chapters, but if readers give it a chance, it will be worth it.

The character's discourse also contains a lot of information about the entertainment industry that could either bore or intrigue the reader.

Moreover, there’s a lot of talk about YouTubers, VTubers, theatrical actors, and so on, so it will be up to the reader if this kind of premise will be worth the time spent reading the manga or watching the anime.

The Oshi no Ko manga also boasts beautiful character designs that have a different charm than the anime.

Mengo Yokoyari’s illustrations are so clean to the eyes, and the readers will not have a difficult time finishing at least 10 chapters of the manga in one sitting.

The manga is also far ahead of the anime’s story, as it is already in its ninth arc.

There’s so much that has already happened, and the readers will be able to appreciate how good every character’s developments are!

Overall, the Oshi no Ko manga is worth reading for its continuity, exposition, and character designs! Hence, give the manga a read once you finish the anime!

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