Original Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson Reacts to Sequel's New Trailer: "I'm Excited!"

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Before Sam Raimi came on-board to direct Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Scott Derrickson, who directed the first film, was supposed to return to helm the sequel until he had creative differences with Marvel Studios which led him to exit the project although he is still going to be credited as an executive producer.

As we all know now, the new trailer for the upcoming film has been released and it got a lot of fans excited as it looks like it is going to be the most bonkers and zany MCU film yet with all the multiverse craziness that is set to happen and the potential cameo appearances of other Marvel characters as hinted by Patrick Stewart showing up in the trailer. There were also a lot of praises for Sam Raimi as it looks like he was given the creative freedom to do whatever style or camera shots that he want.

With the release of the new trailer, a fan asked Derrickson on Twitter about his thoughts. The director responded positively in which he expressed his excitement about it and praising Raimi as the "right director" for the sequel. He wrote, "The trailer is great and of course I’m excited! I love Sam — he was the right director for this one, just as The Black Phone was the right film for me to go make. All is good." You can check his tweet here:

It is great to hear that Derrickson had an enthusiastic response on the sequel as it showed that he didn't part ways with Marvel Studios on bad terms and he still wished all the luck for the people who are involved in the film. Just like us, he is also excited to see it. It's a very classy response that you don't see much often anymore and it's also an assurance from him that he is very supportive about it even though he's no longer involved.

There's now a lot of speculations about the upcoming film thanks to the recent trailer in which they confirmed that Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier is going to make an appearance and a variant of Captain Marvel from another universe will also show up to fight Wanda. Thanks to the new poster as well, there are also speculations that Captain Carter from What If...? and Deadpool will also show up at some point. Right now, all we can do for the meanwhile is to speculate until a new trailer gets released or when we finally see the film.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to be released in theaters on May 6.

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